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  1. Coastbloke

    James Maloney joins F.C. Lezignan

    He's retired from fully professional NRL and ESL so he's obviously doing this for shits and giggles, but I'd be interested what F.C. Lezignan offered him?
  2. Coastbloke

    Joey, Matty and SBW to coach Samoa?
  3. Coastbloke

    Oceania Cup 2021...

    Getting a little frustrated at the lack of information on any form of a Oceania Cup or even mid season Tests.. Has anyone heard anything? Anything? I'm religiously checking the NRL site every Arvo. Checking Sunday papers. Typing in Oceania Cup into Google and using the News tab. Nothing...
  4. Coastbloke

    Danny Kazandjian appointed new IRL General Secretary Poor b******* now has to deal with the most rancid enemy of International rugby league. The NRL/ARLC... Good luck to you buddy..
  5. Coastbloke

    Herbie Farnworth..

    So, we're all aware of big Pommy players here in Oz, but what's the consensus on Herbie Farnworth? Only a handful of 1st grade matches (ok 12-13) For the Poms on here, would he have factored in the Ashes at the end of the year (before the IRL caved on Origin). What about RLWC 2021? Does...
  6. Coastbloke

    2021 RLWC Final...

    Don't think we're gonna get a 6-0 final like 2017 or a England v Tonga match.. All these PI, Kiwi and Pom players from the NRL for the next 5 months getting their Club paychecks and then told to stand down, while the self interested NRL have their Origin dribble.. Expect Kangaroos v...
  7. Coastbloke

    We need to talk about Catalan..

    We do. Les Catalan Dragons that is.. Sigh...Where do we start. Allright. I'll get it off my chest.. :rolling_eyes: Is Catalan needed in the English Super League? I mean, what have they seriously done for French Rugby League? Did French youth and yawnion players sign up to their local Elite...
  8. Coastbloke

    Tour to England..

    If the NRL go ahead with their total disregard for IRL and put on Origin after this fanciful idiotic 3 match Grand Final joke, what can be done? If they have the SOO post season, how would a NZ or Tongan XIII go in place of the Kangaroo tour? Could PNG go to France. NZ v Tonga before the...
  9. Coastbloke

    Federation Cup..

    Looking at the 2006 Federation Cup on Wiki. England, France, Samoa and Tonga. No crowds over 10,000, but not too bad though. Anyone think England v Tonga would get below 10,000 now at Leeds or Elland Rod etc now? Even Samoa? Samoa v France again? Is it time again for these little tournaments...
  10. Coastbloke

    2020 ESL Grand Final..

    Does anyone think the 2020 GF between Toronto and Catalan will be greeted with enthusiasm by the RFL or will they recoil in terror at the possible crowd figure? Asking for a friend..
  11. Coastbloke

    Moses Leota

    Aged 24. Born in Auckland, brought up in Western Sydney where he played his jnr footy and of Samoan descent. Just having a watch of him playing now for Panthers. Anyone know of his rep intentions?
  12. Coastbloke

    Red Star Belgrade..

    How good is this? RLIF, can you please support not only this club, but the BSL as a whole? :neutral_face: It's not all about Tonga.. :confused: ------------------------------------------------------------ Calling all Red Star Belgrade RLFC members in the UK and Europe. We want to give better...
  13. Coastbloke

    USA 2025 RLWC not dead?
  14. Coastbloke

    More half hearted 'progress' from latest RLIF meeting

  15. Coastbloke

    Fifita's commitment to Tonga..

    Mentioned it on the NRL match thread earlier, but tonight Andrew Fifita was asked post match by Joey about his Rep intentions.. He made it pretty clear in his answer that Tonga was way out in front to a $50,000 Origin jersey..Said that representing your country is the pinnacle of the game...
  16. Coastbloke

    PNG to France in 2019..??

    Maybe Samoa might like to join them if they aren't playing against the Lions? :open_mouth:
  17. Coastbloke

    Footy food - Season 2019

    Ok. Been thinking about this for some time. Not sure where the proper sub-forum for this is, but I hope Mods leave it here in NRL. Coastbloke is a food nut. I constantly peruse restaurant menus. I love taking a sticky beak at Band riders and food preferences of political and historical figures...
  18. Coastbloke

    NRL trials in Pacific Islands from 2020..
  19. Coastbloke

    Pacific Test at new WSS?

    Briefly mentioned as a thought bubble in the main article on in relation to the 2019 NRL draw. Keeping in mind that Tonga are supposed to be playing NZ in NZ on the Rep weekend I'm not sure when they intend to play this but the sight of the Tongan and Samoan fans in full flight at the...