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  1. R-15-3

    Lower grades post season comp

    Gus has the idea of a reserve grade comp for November December to keep them up to speed due to missing the past 2 years.
  2. R-15-3


    Breaching COVID restrictions FMD
  3. R-15-3

    Big Ronnie

    19th man for QLD will be massive for him.
  4. R-15-3


    How do we get someone promoted up to a moderator??? Or is there no chance and beating a dead horse. We need a active level headed member that’s not going to f**k everything up. Who wants to put their hand up and plead their case??? Or nominate someone
  5. R-15-3


    Am I dumb and blind or is the search feature missing?? ( on iPhone)
  6. R-15-3

    Jets/Development Players

    Now we are past Rd10 we can select Development and Jets players. In the coming weeks what players would you like to see being tested out? Haven’t seen many Jests games this year but from what iv seen I’d like to see Hazelton given a crack of the bench. JT given a go to show why he is in top 30...
  7. R-15-3

    Development player’s

    How does this work? Can they be used outside the 30? Or do we need to make space before they can “join” the squad. From memory we are now @ 29 with chambers??
  8. R-15-3

    How many wins 2021

    Time for a poll. No if this or that. How many wins can you see us on at the end of the season. Poll closes in 7 days. 1 vote only.
  9. R-15-3

    June 30 now 1st Aug Don’t like it, top 8 will be feeding on teams out of contention. Watch the roosters sign a million dollar player on $160k for...
  10. R-15-3

    When/if we resume

    Whats happening with Fifita’s Knee? Does he need anything done or is it just going to be what it is till retirement? Also we should have nearly 100% fit team for when/if we return only 1is king. Having a young team I think will coup better than older player coming back and staying motivated...
  11. R-15-3

    Resting Players

    Do you take the risk of a loss and rest Fifita, Moylan & Johnston this week? Giving them 2 weeks more rest to be 100% sure they are fit? Or play them this week if passed fit? Hamstrings injuries always seem to go again if rushed back so I’d rest them. * Johnston not named this week, perfect...