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  1. tlk


    so everyone here is saying big anti sa if we sign him yea? this bloke can play footy
  2. tlk


    i think without a doubt we have the best young front rowers in the game today,BUT big kade! this man is a monster i think he can become the most dangerous prop in the nrl he is just an animal
  3. tlk

    Reni and the B sample

    Whats the news????
  4. tlk

    step up

    who are we looking to who will step up tomorrow night
  5. tlk

    big news

    some big news to be announced this coming week! sharks set to sign cooper to a 2 yr contract remember who you heard it from!!
  6. tlk

    spoilers vs tigers

    lets go
  7. tlk

    help plz

    on sat night there was a man and lady walkin round takin snap shots of every1 at the game can some1 please tell me what the website is to view these pics
  8. tlk


    tym to drop cov! his gotta go miss reads,cant kick and runs softer then a legless 60yr old! the days of the cov show are over. secondly,yes fraser had a good game but fmd his gotta start passing to,at least 3 or 4 tyms der had he passed pom was in! cooper waste of space drop him and bring up...
  9. tlk

    with arms right open

    well ive now been gone from this part of the forums for quite some tym i know i know its been a sad period now bak and ready to liven things up a bit in here :D for those of u who dont know me i am tlk... i am welll known and very much respected(due to demanding it)around here...
  10. tlk


    is allowed to talk with clubs would we take him? would sticky want him? do you guys want him? i act wouldnt mind gettin him on the right money i mean good soild centre
  11. tlk


  12. tlk

    has to be

  13. tlk

    2nites the nite!

  14. tlk

    the day luke played st george

  15. tlk


    i dont know much about this bloke and was hopin u guys could fill me in
  16. tlk

    Make Up Of The Team

    so with the side now back training,no willie but got peek lol who will make up the round 1 side few tough ones there like fullback the halves
  17. tlk


    ok so most of us already have a good idea of who we think will make up our startin 13 next yr but who will make up our bench???? furthermore who will be very very boreder line 1st grade??
  18. tlk

    few points

    just watchin the replay from the raiders game and ive come to the concution that no1 one seems to give our forward pack the prompts it deserves!! we have one of the largst most effective packs in the comp!! secondly,i belive one ben ross has copped a fair amount of sh*t from ppl on here about...
  19. tlk

    the birdman

    tell ya what he has gotta be the heart and soul of our side when is in the team we just look so much better! his truely one of our guns so to speak sumwhat of a mvp! in order for us to do well next yr greg must stay fit!!! i love watchin him play must make assie side
  20. tlk

    the back

    mitch brown imo was great at the back tonight i think he needs to stay there i truely believe he will soon be a game breaker

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