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  1. K

    The New Faces

    I haven't seen much talk about the lesser knowns of our new signings - anyone got much insight on Bhana, Cook, Pearsall and others if there are any? The only one I've seen is Bhana, and he looks solid not special. I could see him playing off the bench as a middle forward / bit of dummy half...
  2. K

    Cooper Vuna on loving the Knights

    I found these comments from Vuna quite interesting. We hear plenty of things about Wayne and the club etc from people directly involved at present, but it's interesting to hear someone like Cooper talk about it from the outside and how much he wanted to return and the respect he has for Bennett.
  3. K

    Top 17 you least expected to see in 2012

    Well, with major injury concerns, some surprise mid-season purchases, disappointing form from some and a few beating down Wayne's door in reserves... we could see a first grade named soon that is a long way from anything imagined back in January. What's an 'unusual' line-up you feel might...
  4. K

    Is the club actually happy with our outside backs for 2011?

    There has been a lot of talk about potential signings in the forwards for next year, but very few whispers in the way of outside backs. My question is, do you think our recruitment in the backs is over? And, if so, are you happy enough with that? Personally I would not be satisfied at all. 1...
  5. K

    Your hypothetical side once we can't reach the finals

    So, let's say it's Round 22 and we are officially mathematically unable to make the top 8. A) would you continue to pick a side aimed solely at winning each individual match, or would you have one eye on 2011? and B) If you would experiment a little, what side would you name? Mine: 1...
  6. K

    Tyrone Roberts

    I'm certainly no expert on him, but I've probably seen him play about half a dozen games now and in my opinion he has 'future first grade halfback' written all over him. Any thoughts? Especially if anyone has watched a lot of his matches and noticed any meaningful patterns of performance...
  7. K

    Lack of attacking structure inside opposition 20

    As the title suggests, from where I'm sitting we have the worst structure in the comp when it comes to attacking our opponents' line with a full set of six - decoy runners, movement, speed of passing, speed of hole runners, set plays, fullback linking into the backline as a playmaker, etc. At...
  8. K

    Mullen's kicking game

    How do you think he rates compared to all other NRL playmakers? I am pretty tired of hearing about his incredible short kicking game. To me is only average. Every now and then he has a decent game with the boot, but efforts like last night are all too common. The Raiders scored all their...
  9. K

    No big deal about coaches on the move

    LeagueUnlimited. I hope nobody minds me putting this up - it's on the LeagueUnlimited homepage and just happens to be written by yours truly, which I thought might be of interest to some of you. There was an article last week as well about Tommy Raudonikis, and it looks like this will...
  10. K

    Ben Rogers

    Rather than comparing him to Dureau or focusing on whether or not Mullen should be at five-eighth etc, I'd like to discuss Rogers for the job he is doing regardless of any alternatives currently available. Purely looking at his performances on the field, how do you think he is going? Has he...
  11. K

    Karawana: most improved?

    I think he is the most improved player in the club. And from some comments around here I get the impression some people decided he was useless in the past and don't even bother watching his game this year because they assume he is still useless now. Smith has obviously told him to bulk up and...
  12. K

    Hagan and Eels Conspiracy Theory

    As title suggests, I don't necessarily believe this to be the case, and there will certainly never be any proof, but..... Deep down would Hagan be pleased if his Eels lost this weekend and in doing so eliminated the Knights from the finals race? Of course it can be argued that first grade...
  13. K

    You have to take your chances

    Have to say I think this game has been lost in the first 25 minutes, as strange as that sounds. I know that 8-6 should have us feeling happy, but the game was there to be won in the first 20 minutes and we couldn't score a second or third try. Storm won't play that badly again for a long time...
  14. K

    Eels Draw compared to Knights

    So, went back over the draw to confirm my suspicions. Everyone is saying how tight the finals race is, and that it will be difficult for the Knights because they have the hardest draw in the last 2 rounds compared to the Eels, Warriors, Dragons, Panthers, Raiders etc. But the media don't...
  15. K

    Today's Tactics

    To me today's effort reeks of over coaching. A side coming off three consecutive 20 point victories has been needlessly chopped up and changed and the result is utter chaos. Can anyone honestly say that if we had simply picked the same side as last week (with Uate in for Mad Dog) that this...
  16. K

    Same old story

    Penalties giving away cheap field position Errors at crucial times Unable to defend kicks No luck whatsoever Concede the first try of the match.. AGAIN! Every game just seems the same. I would just love to see us start a match strongly, get the first try, build the confidence and see how we...
  17. K

    Where has Smith gone wrong?

    I still stand by my opinion that Smith has been good for the club. Changes needed to be made and for the most part we have looked like an improved side in terms of overall skill and forward power. Had we been one of the luckier sides in terms of the draw and Origin affecting key players, it may...
  18. K

    Sia Soliola and Buddy Gordon

    Rumours appearing in various articles about both these players leaving their respective clubs at the end of this season due to salary cap reasons etc. It would be disappointing to not even hear that we have made approach to them, if it is in fact true. I think with a full off-season Smith...
  19. K

    The frustration

    Same old story - line breaks, good go forward, determined defence against a quality side BUT stupid penalties, dropped balls at crucial times, bombed tries...... it's just so frustrating. We won that game for the Roosters with our mistakes in the second half, inviting them to put the dangerous...
  20. K

    That's the season

    We're gone. I can't see us making the finals after that. It's just pathetic that we can't start a first grade match properly. Every single week I think that surely we will turn up for this one early, really put in and perhaps even get the first try. But no, week after week we have to come...