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  1. imasharkie

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I'd be still keen on Burns if he became available but Lomax would be a great pick up
  2. imasharkie

    Game day thread Titans vs Warriors

    the only good thing from this result is we don't have to watch Woods run around in a Sharks jersey again.
  3. imasharkie

    Team v Storm

    Nope Hannay knows we have to win and Moylan will get that win.
  4. imasharkie

    Game Day vs the Mr Ed's.

    we only win when Moylan plays.
  5. imasharkie

    Team vs. Broncos

    we win whenever Moylan plays and lose when he doesn't, thats the facts!
  6. imasharkie

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Whatever happened with the Burns signing that was put out in here? I'd like to see that happen.
  7. imasharkie

    Game Day - Mighties -v- The Madges ... It is on.

    Gamble will still be on a holiday next week. Not due back till round 25
  8. imasharkie

    Game Day - Mighties -v- The Madges ... It is on.

    Chambers is to slow, he missed a heap of tackles in his last game. No to Chambers for me.
  9. imasharkie

    Game Day - Mighties -v- The Madges ... It is on.

    I hope he learns how to carry the ball, that one handed holding it out is bulls##t.
  10. imasharkie

    Game Day - Mighties -v- The Madges ... It is on.

    with Pricey as our defence coach. That news made my year.
  11. imasharkie

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I read Steve Price has joined our coaching staff for next year. Pretty sure he was the defence coach under Flanno, if so our defence in those years was excellent. Fxxk Hannay, he can be waterboy. OOps sorry just discovered the new thread for this info.
  12. imasharkie

    Team vs tigers

    No Moylan = No Win ( is the usual) so hopefully he'll be starting at 5/8 and he is the lucky charm and put your money on Kennedy having a blinder. If Moylan plays and lasts the game out we'll win this one.
  13. imasharkie

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I thought he signed a contract extension rececently.
  14. imasharkie

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    Or sack Hannay!
  15. imasharkie

    Game day V's Knights of Ni!!!!

    we have the worst halves in the comp
  16. imasharkie

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Just like to know if these players have been mentioned by our club or is this just a forum discussion?
  17. imasharkie

    Team v Knights - Chambers demoted

    OMG why are other teams getting fill-in players. Bulldogs have two Raiders forwards. WTF is Hannay doing besides keeping players in the starting team who won't get a game anywhere else.
  18. imasharkie

    Aaron Woods

    He has to beat Fifi first!
  19. imasharkie

    The game day thingy…

    I've been saying it all season......NO MOYLAN - NO WIN I didn't watch the game ( first time this season) because of that reason and looks like I made a good decision.
  20. imasharkie

    We need centres

    I read we are talking to Braiden Burns from the Rabbits. Is that still happening? Geez I hope we're in the mix for Manu.