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  1. K

    Semi Final Predictions

    The more rules introduced the more cluttered the game becomes.
  2. K

    Semi Final Predictions

    NRL has become like the English premier soccer league, made up of the haves and have nots. So predictable its become boring. Most of the lower ranked clubs have to try and bolster their squads with has been players or marginal talent. The only saving grace for the Dragons may be a few promising...
  3. K

    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    When I made my original comment about Lawrie not being athletic, I was really referring to his lack of leg drive which to me he is deficient in. Mind you he is not the only forward in the team with this problem.
  4. K

    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    When the current roster is looked at some of the forwards just aren't that athletic. In my opinion Blake Lawrie is an example. When other better performing sides step on the field their forwards look powerful and menacing. The same cannot be said for the Dragons outfit. No backline can play well...
  5. K

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    The team as it is now would not win the ladies premier division. They are not even third rate, Actually words fail me.
  6. K

    Sack Griffin

    Obviously the club is in a bind, hapless and hopeless. Some promising juniors rearing their heads, but really many clubs have young talent coming through. De Belin is not the same player since all his problems. Hook has been faced with a disrupted year which has not helped. The jury is still out...
  7. K

    Round 23 vs Roosters

    It will be a real kick in the guts if Dufty is a stand out at the Bulldogs next season. Along with their strong recruitment for next year they could be contenders. With the current status of recruitment at the Dragons I am just tepid about the prospects next season. There is no one of the class...
  8. K

    Round 23 vs Roosters

    I hope Sloan bulks up somewhat in the off season as he is the future at fullback. Extra muscle bulk will assist his capabilities in that position. He is still a kid really, but will learn fast once a fixture at the back
  9. K

    Round 21 v Raiders

    Coffs dragon nails it, Dragons are now a symbol of mediocrity or worse. Sure its been a season of injuries, suspensions and disruption. That aside Griffin has had no more success than his predecessor. The decision to play Bird at fullback was nonsensical. Fullback is a specialist position and...
  10. K

    Round 20 v Rabbits

    It is all doom and gloom, season could not be much worse. Promising young players should be promoted where possible, but as it stands when you compare Sloan at 84kg with Latrell Mitchell who is much taller and weighs 102 kg, there is no comparison. There must be some terrible teams though, if...
  11. K

    Round 19 v Titans

    Sad to say that I cannot see Dragons being title contenders in the forseeable future. New signings will not make much difference and lack of talent in the playing squad with two or three exceptions do not give confidence that things will change. The top teams are miles ahead in standard.
  12. K

    Tyrell Sloan

    Sloan is a bit over 6 foot or 185cm but only weighs 84kg, he is not small but if he can pack on another 8kg of muscle, it will make a lot of difference. He certainly is much more than a promising player at this stage. It will be interesting to watch his development.
  13. K

    Round 18 vs Sea Eagles

    At times for short periods we look the goods, but most of the time we look like a rabble, disjointed without much playing nous and lousy defense. Sloan is still learning but he is not a big body at this stage though his commitment can not be doubted.
  14. K

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    The season is now a train wreck. I don't know what the collective I.Q of the named individuals might be. It is beyond belief that De Belin, after all he has been through would put himself in such a tenuous situation. I mean hiding under a bed, how dumb is that? I feel for the coach who is doing...
  15. K

    Dragons statement: Player breach

    If statute law is applied the only one facing the law of similar facts is Vaughan. He will be heavily penalized. Previous charges related to game playing offences should not come into it. Norman and any others who have had behavioral charges may be in further jeopardy.
  16. K

    Negative ONLY thread

    I wish it was not true for the games' sake, but there sure seems to be bias simmering upwards with some of the decisions. If this continues fans will eventually become disillusioned and it will affect the structure and fans will stop supporting Rugby League.
  17. K

    Round 16 vs Warriors

    NRL is becoming like English premier soccer league. Same 3 or 4 teams win every year - boring in the extreme.
  18. K

    Negative ONLY thread

    Where are compared to Melbourne who ran up 60 odd against a team that beat us? Seems to me that there is a select few teams that are well above the standard of the rest.
  19. K

    Round 15 vs Raiders

    I have my doubts about the feagai boys, they certainly are not express pace and a bit on the small side. Time will tell.
  20. K

    Round 14 v Chi wow waaz

    Such is the state of the squad at the moment it could take five years to build up a side capable of winning a premiership. There is just not enough quality in the squad at present to rise to that level and there is no remedy available at present.