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  1. Wally21

    3,2,1 vs the cheating dog merkins from Mexico

    3. Paulo - best game all year 2. Ice - outstanding 1. Mitch - go you good thing Honorable mentions- the rest of the team…
  2. Wally21

    3,2,1 vs the commentators darlings, the Rooters of the East

    3 Matto. - Best game in 2 years 2 Paulo - big man big minutes big effort 1 Carty - f**k the kid went well special mentions Moses, Lane and RCG
  3. Wally21

    3,2,1. VS cheating Mexican merkins

    3 Paulo 2 Moses 1 Niokore
  4. Wally21

    Stan grant

    I shouldn’t start threads when hammered
  5. Wally21

    How does Ben Ikin get a gig as a commentator????

    Proved tonight he is an absolute pretender. Is he looking to date Rapara???
  6. Wally21

    Culture or lack of results?

    Watching Manly play most weeks, with an interest in seeing Horo, on the whole, his performances have been demonstrably better than for us over the last 2 years. So we let him go when we are crying out for mobile back rowers who can pop a pass and all the sudden he looks solid. So the question...
  7. Wally21

    I was so wrong about Morgan

    Didnt think much of this young man, but he has certainly showed of late that he is more than capable of playng first grade footy for a long time. I was definitely wrong about him...
  8. Wally21

    Tate is a low grub

    Lowest grub act I've seen in a long time
  9. Wally21

    3,2,1, vs Dragons

    3 Hindy 2 Hayne 1 Blair harder than normal this week as no one truly stood out. Some good half games by Sandow and Ryan but...
  10. Wally21

    OT Matt Prior

    His hit on Thurston is one of the worst I've seen in a while. 8 weeks me thinks
  11. Wally21

    gidley out

    Just heard on fox that Gidley is out for 2 to 4 weeks. Looks like Hindy will have to target someone else for his big hits!
  12. Wally21

    Morris' Hamstring

    Does anybody have any inside knowledge of how bad it is? will Stuart bring in Hayne to replace him if he is out, or is ther another winger he has been making weekly calls to? I imagine he will not give Hayne a go simply because he would be admitting he was wrong. Thoughts?
  13. Wally21

    do sports writers actually watch the game?

    This bloke obviously wrote this story prior to the game.
  14. Wally21

    Sterlings agenda

    I'm wondering what sort of agenda Sterling has in regards to his continued push for Gordon to be picked over Hayne at fullback for SOO? He has mentioned it a couple of times already in tonights coverage. Gordon is obviously a good player, but I don't think he will strike fear into QLDer hearts...