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    Unnecessary contact with opposition players

    I'm getting fed up with smart-arsed players like Cameron Munster patting opposition players on the head when they make a mistake. It sparked a flare up against the Bulldogs yesterday when a Bulldog player (understandably) took exception to Munster's actions. However, it frequently transpires...
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    Stadium Madness

    The Nines tournament in Perth, which, after attracting poor local support, is likely to be played in traditional RL strongholds from next year, exposed the lack of thinking that's gone into our stadium construction. By the time that ANZ is redeveloped, the State Government will have paid a...
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    Is there a SGI version of the old Soviet Politburo?

    Some years ago, a good friend of mine decided to run a ticket against the incumbents on the St George Leagues Club board. Fed up with Secretary Manager Danny Robinson and his aversion to supporting the Football Club and the gradual turning of the Leagues Club from a premier entertainment...
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    And the winner is.......

    This thread is all about what is the most likely poster caption to be be banned by the thought police at Kogarah Council from Netstrata Stadium in 2020 My nomination is : SGI- plaything of millionaires,
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    Ben Hunt Takes Responsibility for Dragons Woes

    While I'm sure most of us would agree that Mary is the architect of Dragons woes while Ben is simply the builder, I wish that both of them would fall on their respective swords and resign. Hunt is not a $1.2M/year half-back, hooker or anything. He must have been incredulous when Millward and...
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    Brian Johnston Masterclass in Obfuscation on Talkin Sport

    Didn't hear the whole interview but it has rightly created uproar since airing on 2SM. Among other things, when asked if Mary's coaching would be on the agenda for tonight's review, he replied that it was always under review. Graeme Hughes pointed out that two newspapers had run with the story...
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    Dragons problem now Sharks problem

    Couldn't resist going into enemy territory after the Sharks debacle against the Bulldogs and, as I suspected, the Sharks faithful are in uncivil war over Dugan insisting on not playing on the wing and Xerri being shunted out there when he is the most promising centre in the game, the unerring...
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    Toovey For Coach of SGI

    If, and I admit it's a big if, it eventually dawns on Mary that he's not a good coach (win/loss record an ordinary 50%) or, more realistically the new SGI Board come to that conclusion and sack him, I would like to nominate Geoff Toovey as my surprise candidate to take over. When he was...
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    Coaching Musical Chairs

    Well dear readers-it seems that all the good coaches have landed on a club and we are left again with you know who- don't it make you feel great ?
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    Delusional Dragons (Deldrags)

    I have decided to create a new grouping-Delusional Dragons or Deldrags- former players, officials, commentators and journalists who seem to think that Mary is the bees knees and our catastrophic losses in 2018 and repeated failures to maintain form for the whole season have nothing to do with...
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    Ben Hunt -what are you?

    Memo to Ben Hunt I am getting a bit annoyed with you and your missus. You have now joined her in pondering out loud whether you want to be a hooker or a half back. I have a news flash Ben. SGI paid you HUGE BUCKS- way more than you're probably worth- to fill the gaping 1/2 back void at this...