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  1. cupid

    Nba 2k11

    Just got a 9.5 on ign, they labeled it as the "Best basketball game ever" and the "Best sports game of this generation". It comes out October 7th here. I have already bought my copy of ebay for $55.
  2. cupid

    dead rising 2

    Has anyone played this yet? I downloaded the game for PC, Have to say the game is great, better then the first. Will be buying the 360 version since multipalyer doesn't work on the pirated version.
  3. cupid

    Lyon injured

    With Lyon out for possibly 1 month, what do you think our backline wil look like? I'll go with. 1.Hopoate 2.Robertson 3.Farrar 4.Whare 5.Williams 6.Foran 7.Hodkinson
  4. cupid

    To all the people who are defending the Melbourne Storm

    What do you propose the Nrl should of done?
  5. cupid


    I advise the Melbourne fans to put their support behind the U20's, as far as I know they are still competing this year and it will be the closest you will get to winning feeling.
  6. cupid

    Sea Eagles 3-2-1s Round 6 v Storm

    3.Foran 2.Ballin 1.T.Williams
  7. cupid

    2009 season analysis

    The season was over before it began, the pre-season function, the Brett incident, the infighting at board level that was played out in the media. We were never going to win, when we won 2, from of our first 8. I'm proud of the boys for turning it around, they showed alot of character, they...
  8. cupid

    The Fifa 10 Thread

    The Demo came out yesterday, If anyone hasn't realised. Some improvements I have noticed are the players can mover more fluently, and have more range of motion, goalkeepers aren't superhuman anymore, they make mistakes and punch the ball away instead of somehow always jumping above everyone...
  9. cupid

    New AFL game for 360, PS3 and PC

    To anyone who gives a sh*t.;title;1 Here's hoping they bring out a Rugby League games soon, for 360 and PS3.
  10. cupid

    UFC Undisputed 2009

    Has anyone downloaded the demo yet? The game is great and has some of the best graphics I have seen.
  11. cupid


    What are the results for this week, who is in to the GF?
  12. cupid

    Do you ever wish you weren't so passionate about your club?

    I sometimes wish I could be a casual fan, there are way more lows then highs, I wish I could enjoy the game without worrying about my team. Do you ever wish the same?
  13. cupid

    The Kennedy brothers

    How are these guys playing? I was wondering because I use to know them from my old school. Apparently they are playing in the under20's for the Dragons, I don't get to watch it because I have no Foxtel:( anyway here is a video someone showed of them playing Touch in Yr12...
  14. cupid

    360 Gamertags

    Everyone post their gamer tags so we can add you. mine-angrycupidstunt
  15. cupid

    Team Fortress 2

    I was wandering if anyone wanted to add me so we can play TF2, must be the 360 version by the way. gamertag: angrycupidstunt
  16. cupid

    See you in the GF

    After tonight both teams deserved to come away with something, It has aslo shown me That Manly and Melbourne are leaps and bounds beyond the other teams. See you in the GF
  17. cupid

    Ben Ikin Rumour

    Apparently Ben Mirkin has rumoured on the Sunday Footy Show that Jamie Lyon has been offered 1million to release him to Warrington, I would'nt really trust anything that came out of his mouth but just thought I should share it. F*** Warrington for stealing our players and trying to ruin our...
  18. cupid

    Slater apparently out for 6 weeks

    Huge blow, for everyone, to 1999 I forgot who it was but someone said he had detached retina
  19. cupid

    Australian GTA 4 Clan

    Hey, I am forming a GTA 4 Clan only for us ozzies ( and New Zealanders), The clan has arranged gamenights etc. add my gamertag: angrycupidstunt hope to see you online!
  20. cupid

    Pivotal decision for Manly

    ason Avedissian 19 April 2008 Manly legend Cliff Lyons says the Sea Eagles would be mad not to pursue Wigan pivot Trent Barrett who is said to be desperate to return to the NRL. GIFTED former Manly five-eighth Cliff Lyons believes the Sea Eagles would be "mad" not to pursue ex-Dragons...