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  1. Tenacious Titans

    WTF is wrong with this club?

    Discuss, because I'm all out of ideas. Bring in new coaching staff? No change. Sign new players? Still no change. Film a whole f**king documentary on how we're going to turn it around? Still no change. I really don't get this club. The players should be ashamed of themselves with performances...
  2. Tenacious Titans

    Building Titans to premiere on Fox League

    The Gold Coast Titans will take viewers into the inner workings of the Club, with a four-part documentary series to air in primetime on Fox Sports in the lead up to the 2021 NRL Premiership season. “Building Titans” takes viewers on an honest journey through the history of the Club, with...
  3. Tenacious Titans

    What's with Gal/Gus' dislike for us?

    A couple of months ago on 100% Footy they were talking about the Fifita signing, and Gus took a swipe and said we've learned nothing and that we continue to poach players from other clubs. Then last night, when asked about our recent form, he goes "They haven't played anyone," and apparently it...
  4. Tenacious Titans

    READY'S MAIL: Both Jai Arrow & Garth Brennan Could Exit The Titans lol we are f**ked if Arrow leaves. Might as well just shut up shop.
  5. Tenacious Titans

    Broncos Rant

    So any of us who support the GC will readily admit that we lost tonight because we were f**king dreadful, I don't have any issue with that. What I do have an issue with, is the complete and utter disrespect by them to, of all people, have James Roberts kick the last goal, on our home ground, in...
  6. Tenacious Titans

    The Cleanout Continues
  7. Tenacious Titans

    Are things starting to look up?

    So with the loss of Roberts I think most Titans fans including me were disheartened, but it seems that some luck is finally going our way. -Ash Taylor is already proving to be a good young signing for the club -Elgey resigning till the end of 2018 -Tyrone Roberts I thought was a rubbish...
  8. Tenacious Titans

    Is this the end?

    I don't see anything getting better. Discuss.