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  1. Port Panther

    Trent Barret sacked !

    Trent Barret to be sacked and incoming coach rumoured to be Trent from Punchy f#$k yeah .
  2. Port Panther

    Jerome Lui injured today

    Got a knee injury today , how are the five-eight options looking for round one now . Getting grimm by the looks of things.
  3. Port Panther

    Let's trade now

    How does this sound...... we do a straight swap of Elijah Taylor for Grevs ASAP? Taylor seems out of favour and Grevs is coming to Panthers anyways. BTW good luck today I hope the football gods give you plenty of chicken today....'' GO THE BUNNIES''
  4. Port Panther

    Te Maire Martin

    How's he been going for the tigers and is he a potential first grade player? Only ever seen a photo of him and he reminds me of Benji.......thoughts anyone?
  5. Port Panther

    gus goulds officail twitter

    :DChecked out gus goulds official twitter lately? very interesting.:D Phil Gould AM@Gus10Gould
  6. Port Panther

    fantasy league

    I started a fantasy league comp called panther pride code Y9FEECE2 if anyones interested need more players :crazy: