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  1. Lambretta

    2020 season (Imagined)

    Ok. An off season thread Putting your club 9th, so everyone can see who you support, name the 1 to 16 you'd like to see in 2020 You can base it on "these squads have the potential to" or "this is who I hate and like as clubs" or "these squads are full of upstanding citizens, whilst these...
  2. Lambretta

    The Rugby League Digest Podcast

    Has anyone come across this brilliant Podcast yet? I got told to have a listen because they were doing an in depth look at the Super League War Each episode is about an hour long They're available on whatever that Apple thingy is YouTube And Spotify (which is where I stream them from) They...
  3. Lambretta

    Rugby League Epitaphs

    With the season almost behind us, I was thinking of what we would say about players when they are gone They could be poignant or they can poke fun. I will open with John Sattler He played, his jaw, he conquered
  4. Lambretta

    I need a new (ish) car

    My recent car ownership Holden Vectra - bloody expensive to maintain Toyota Corolla - Horrible, dull, boring, bland, overpriced, awful. Mazda 3 (Mk1) - great around town bloody awful on the freeway. Noisy to the point of nausea inducing. Focus XR5 Turbo. By far the best car I have ever owned...
  5. Lambretta

    New television

    I am looking at buying a 58 inch Hisense Is their stuff any good? I have an old Samsung 37 inch that I love and a Panasonic 55 inch but will be looking for a new TV for my own TV room. Will mainly watch sport (League or Soccer mainly) and Netflix Should I worry abour refresh rates etc? It's...
  6. Lambretta

    NRL 360

    Where has Ben Ikin gone? Anyone know?
  7. Lambretta

    SCG - thoughts?

    Reading through the Roosters supporter thread on Facebook the SCG is universally hated after 1 game with many, many supporters threatening never to go back and / or not renew their membership for next season I am genuinely worried about our future over this issue.
  8. Lambretta

    The reason why gambling is truly evil

    On Grand Final Day we decided to watch the game at the Leagues Club. Easts is centrally located, would have no Storm fans and beer would be unreasonably priced...... All this was true, but the choice of beers available was appalling. It was by far the worst selection I have encountered in...
  9. Lambretta

    NSW outs and QLD ins

    State of Origin is just around the corner Traditionally this is the time of year where anyone half decent and eligible to wear Blue gets injured and anyone eligible to wear Maroon magically grows an extra leg to come back from the dead and destroy NSW Jimmy the Jet started proceedings last...
  10. Lambretta

    Mobile phones / plans

    I have always gotten a new phone with a plan and have always had Samsung Galaxy phones But to be honest, I don't need the latest Apple / Samsung tech as I really only use minimal things on my pocket held distraction device: Internet (a bit), Facebook, text, camera, whatsapp and that phone...
  11. Lambretta

    Ford. Why can't they sell cars?

    OK, so the Ranger ute and the Mustang sell well. Those two name plates account for 65% of all Ford sales In the UK, the Fiesta is the #1 selling car overall. In Australia Ford are dropping it from their line up when the next gen arrives (except the excellent ST version) In the UK the Focus is...
  12. Lambretta

    Away games

    The NRL needs to do more to promote away fans going to games Away memberships would be a good idea. Or even allowing interstate clubs such as the Warriors, Cowboys or Broncos to get Sydney memberships so more away fans will travel. That said are you a regular away traveller? What grounds have...
  13. Lambretta

    Gosford classic car museum

    I went to the classic car museum in Gosford on the weekend and was really, really impressed Has anyone else been up there? Thoughts? Personal favourites? If you're in any way interested in cars - this place is a MUST for a visit
  14. Lambretta

    Your "if I won lotto, I'd do.........."

    No, buying a house or paying off the mortgage rubbish here What's the once in a lifetime experience you would want to do first if work and money weren't considerations? Your number 1 bucket list item For me, it would have to be driving around the four corners of the US starting in California...
  15. Lambretta

    Cars in your suburb

    I have been looking for a new car for the Mrs (SUV automatic thingy) and as I have been looking at cars I have been paying a lot more attention to the ones around the local suburb 5 brands dominate - Mazda, Toyota, Subaru, Honda & VW These 5 brands make up at least 50% of the cars in the suburb...
  16. Lambretta

    UK holiday

    If you were going to the UK for a holiday, what would be on your wishlist of things to do? I'm going in August next year and will be doing the following Attend a Premier League game Go see the MK Dons (lower league hometown team) Watch a Super League game at Wigan or Warrington (or other)...
  17. Lambretta

    Buying NFL jerseys in Oz

    Hi guys Does anyone know where you can buy NFL jerseys here in Oz I went to Paddy's Markets at Haymarket today and the range was less than appealing They have odds and sods for Raiders, Broncos, Saints, Steelers, 49'ers, Patriots, Seahawks, Packers and Giants but I am a Jets fan I nearly...
  18. Lambretta

    Non i-phone / Galaxy mobile?

    My phone contract is up soon and I am considering breaking my habit of just getting a Samsung Galaxy because I don't feel I get value for money spending over $1,000 on a phone with a plan Recent releases from Alcatel, Google/LG and Motorola appear to offer genuine choice in the $200 to $400...
  19. Lambretta

    2017 scheduling

    With Monday Night Football going the way of the Dodo (hopefully never to return) what exactly will be the scheduling for 2017? Is it 1 x Thursday 2 x Friday 3 x Saturday 2 x Sunday If so, which games will be shown when? I am assuming a return to the Queensland / NSW split reverse for Friday?
  20. Lambretta

    Storm 0_0_0's

    The whole f**king lot of em I haven't seen a more depressing display from a Roosters side since 2009 We fair dinkum gave up