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  1. sandshark

    Some interesting stats for 2019 (Zero Tackle)

    Just wanted to share some season 2019 stats from Zero Tackle. Goal-kicking: Paul Gallen- 2 goals/100% Kyle Flanagan- 19 goals/67% Shaun Johnson- 13 goals/65% Chad Townsend- 7 goals/58% Lets have a look at our backs (and some players who filled in during the season): Josh Morris- 9 tries in 14...
  2. sandshark

    OT- The turd flinging between posters.

    So I just had my monthly wander over to the NRL sub-forum to find that the shit flinging between posters here has made its way over there.. Can we move on from this crap? Our sub-forum is one of the most active ones on this website. Usually we all get along even if opinions are somewhat...
  3. sandshark

    Chad Townsend throws hat in the ring for NSW Origin selection

    Cronulla Sharks halfback Chad Townsend believes he could handle the enormous pressure of making his NSW debut in the State of Origin decider on July 10. Incumbent Blues No.7 Nathan Cleary is highly unlikely to play in the all-or-nothing third match at ANZ Stadium after sustaining a suspected...
  4. sandshark

    Chambers Grapple Tackle.

    That looked pretty bad on TV.. He had a strong grip with both hands around Gal's neck and didn't even look like letting go. Gal was trying to tap out too.. Probably will only get a week. Ridiculous.
  5. sandshark

    OT: League Unlimited and Ad-Blocker

    Anyone else getting guilt-tripped by League Unlimited about using an Ad-Blocker? I turned off my Ad-Blocker and it feels like the site has slowed down so much but none the less I will do my part, will you?!
  6. sandshark

    The Inside Ball Play

    Is there a more obvious attacking play that the boys do? The inside ball to Holmes never works and is shut down from the get-go. Come to think of it, almost every play they do looks like they are running around on the training paddock at half pace.
  7. sandshark

    Le deuxième origin jeu

    No thread yet? Which one of our boys will shine brightest? I'm picking Graham to provide the spark to overcome the Thurston/Slater barrage.