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  1. Chief_Chujo

    Wrestle Kingdom 11

    Its on tonight, watch here
  2. Chief_Chujo

    The Canberra curse is real

    Finch, Carney and now Milf. All were halves that were suppose to lift the Raiders to a premiership, all lost grand finals in their first year away from the club.
  3. Chief_Chujo

    A moratorium on rule changes

    Would anyone be opposed to this? I'm sick of constant changes season to season, and even worse the mid season alterations they come up with. As much as I hate the refs, it has to be difficult with the rule book changing every 12 months. A set period for rule changes, say five years, would give...
  4. Chief_Chujo

    Luke off to the warriors Warriors looking good for next year.
  5. Chief_Chujo

    Can the NRL have a streaming service like the WWE?

    As in not just live games, but the whole back catalog. I want to be able to stream any game from the advent of television. Is it possible, or do nein, fox, ABC and whoever else held the rights own the recordings?
  6. Chief_Chujo

    Josh hodgson

    Raiders have signed him. How do you think he will go in the nrl ? We've been desperate for a good hooker for a decade now so hoping to hear good things.
  7. Chief_Chujo

    Foxtel GO now avaliable for PC/Mac/Some samsung devices

    Just a heads up that Foxtel GO is now available for the above. Great way to watch the footy if the fox box is taken over with something else.
  8. Chief_Chujo

    How do you rate the Knights 97 Premsiership?

    Simple question born from the Danny Wicks thread. Was it a real premiership? a half? not worth counting?
  9. Chief_Chujo


    Good game fellas. Crushing to lose it in the last few minutes but considering our away record I thought we put up our best performance away for a long time. Geez Prince is a dangerous player. Can't wait to see him and Campo go at it in Origin(hopefully, if the selectors aren't daft).
  10. Chief_Chujo

    Roosters original junior areas?

    Hey guys Raiders fan here with a bit of interest in your history. I've noticed a couple of times, during Roosters/Souths arguments, people bringing up Souths stealing some of your junior areas back in the 50's. Can anyone give me a run down on what happened?
  11. Chief_Chujo

    The PSP

    Got my brother to pick me up one of these babys while he was overseas. Firstly the screen is a thing of beauty. UMD Movies look DVD quality and it's hard to look at the standard LCD's the same as this thing completey trounces them. Encoding your own movies/clips is pretty easy as well. As for...
  12. Chief_Chujo

    PS3 revealed I want it.
  13. Chief_Chujo

    ESL Grandfinal(Spoilers if you don't know the result)

    Congratulations to Dave Furner for ending his playing career on a high note. A fantastic career that's seen you represent your state and country and win premierships in both hemispheres. You even won the Clive Churchill in the fantastic 94 grand final. No easy feat considering the amazing...
  14. Chief_Chujo

    NRL to take action against the Bulldogs

    Just heard it on the radio. The NRL are going to take action against the Cantebury Bulldogs club for bringing the game into disrepute. Apparentlly it will be tomorrows headline. Thats all they said.