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  1. Feki is bae

    321 v Tommy T and the boys

    Kennedy Trindall Williams HM Talakai they were the least sh1t
  2. Feki is bae

    321 v Warriors

    SJ Hamlin Uele Katoa
  3. Feki is bae

    The Woods Issue

    The bloke is wank. What is our plan to replace his lazy ass?
  4. Feki is bae

    Talk of the Town Podcast

    Chad Townsend has entered the podcast game with this effort. Anyone given it a listen?
  5. Feki is bae

    Another disgraceful performance!

    Dugan - N/A injured Gray - 4 Not a first grader but not our worst. Xerri - 5 Morris - 6 Looks like he gives a s*** this guy is a pro Feki - 2 One of his worst games ever. Used to burst out of dummy half in our own end now he doesn't Johnson - 5 Had a couple of great moments to balance out the...
  6. Feki is bae

    Disgraceful performance!

    Moylan 1 - shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite Feki - 5 Don't remember what he did Xerri - 5 SUPPORT BREAKS SON! No point having this speedster lurking around in the background Dugan 3 - Didn't deserve a spot in the centres Morris 7 - yep Johnson 1 - what about when he...
  7. Feki is bae

    321 v Rooters

    3 - Philippa 2 - Alyssa 1 - Juanita -3 - Johnson -2 - Xerri -1 - Capewell
  8. Feki is bae

    321 v Cowboys

    3 - Prior 2 - Townsend 1 - J-Mo
  9. Feki is bae

    What is your most unpopular opinion about the NRL?

    Post it here for our consideration.
  10. Feki is bae

    Down tempo

    F up tempo, I say we should adopt a down tempo style to beat the Raiders! Get some Barry White pumping on the PA and just play in a real slooooooooooow groove. They won't know what hit them