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  1. Coaster


    A lot of negativity on these boards, some people are upset I understand. But let's just sit back for a second and marvel at these blokes last night from both sides. It was nothing short of gladiatorial ! In 10000 years they will be shifting through the dirt and telling stories of the crazy...
  2. Coaster

    VideoCast R20 LegionTalk

    Hey all this is the latest installment of LegionTalk, Fan based podcast for the Fans of the GC Titans. This is a special episode, because we got a special Co-Host the flying winger himself Kevin Gordon. You can subscribe via iTunes, or watch the video version here...
  3. Coaster

    Detailed stats

    Anyone point me in the right direction for a site that can give me stats on this year and last for a "Players touches per game", how many times a player touches a ball over the 80 min, or average per set
  4. Coaster

    Legion hoodie

    We are making a Legion Hoodie, if anyone is interested please PM me with your email address and ill send you out a order form on Friday, not many left, so jump in fast if you are keen
  5. Coaster

    Shares - stock market

    Australian or international? What's your opinion on next 5 years. I have a lot of Australian, thinking about changing them to more US based
  6. Coaster

    The club that listens

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Member’s BBQ This Saturday the Jetstar Titans will be holding a Member’s only BBQ at the Centre of Excellence. We appreciate that catering at the football is expensive and with this in mind we want to provide our members with an inexpensive option to grab a bite to eat...
  7. Coaster

    Someone explain the salary cap to me please?

    I understand it is this: The Salary Cap for 2010 is a maximum limit of $4.1m for the 25 highest remunerated players at each club. All other players that play NRL in the current year must fit under a $350,000 Salary Cap. But how does this work exactly. At the titans we have used 25 players so...
  8. Coaster

    Brad Myers has retired

    The big fella has had a bad injury that wont heal, and has called it a day. Good luck to him, what a great bloke, and servant of this great game
  9. Coaster

    All Class

    Just got to say how impressed I am with the attitude towards fans of your big 3. Slater, Smith and Cronk. After the test last night those 3 took photos and had a chat with everyone and spent more time with us fans of Skilled Park than any players have before. They are all class and your a...
  10. Coaster

    Legion Talk 8 (roosters)

    Round 8: Big game against the Roosters, and the first of 3 home games in a row. Legion Talk this week listens to what Friend, Ben Ridge and Harrison have to say about the loss against the Eels, and Mario from the Roosters Chook Pen has a chat. We also look at some alternatives to the rising...
  11. Coaster

    Prince and Bodene Fight

    Here is a video on Titans TV with Prince and Big Bad Bodene fighting for charity. Bodene is a monster, really looks good in the ring IMO
  12. Coaster

    Podcast Round 7 - Parramatta

    Hey all we now have a video format of the Latest Podcast on youtube Legion Talk this week has Prince and his thoughts on the Legion, Gordon also has a chat. More fans reactions from the game, we have a new super villain called Mary, we discuss the drums, and send a challenge to Gus. Parra...
  13. Coaster

    Legion makes the Sunday Roast

    LOL, We got roasted today by some whinging kiwi called Mary, complaining about our drums. In the past we have had random drummers starting chants, but Friday night took it to a new level with a drum crew bought in to help. Personally i was directly right in front of them, so close i was resting...
  14. Coaster

    VidCast Ep 6 - Tigers game

    Legion Talk this week says goodbye to a Friend, We greet Idris, Matt White says hello, the bloke in the bus answers last weeks question, and we ask the question "What the F*** REF?", Fans have a say at the cowboys game also.. Heaps more have a listen...
  15. Coaster

    League Banner

    I am getting a banner made for the Titans Home Games, and the one i was doing has been topped by the Titans themselves, Had a logo ect. So i am after ideas for a Banner, and thought i would throw it out there its 2 x 2 meters My ideas so far: "BEAT THIS cutie" "THIS IS PRINCES HOUSE" Any help?
  16. Coaster

    Youtube Video

    Hey here is the audio podcast we do each week, converted to a Vid by Mick. Check it out, tell us what you think
  17. Coaster

    Nathen Friend

    I couldnt think of anything to say and found this video on youtube which i think sums it all up This is for you Searle (Bad language you have been warned)
  18. Coaster

    Titan Legion talk- 2011-1

    Here ya go if there are any Fans here that missed the Podcast. If you have a RSS feeder, here is the link Now available by iTunes...
  19. Coaster

    Legion Facebook

    Hey all if there are any Titans fans looking through this site and wonder where we all are, check out the Legion Facebook page!/TitansLegion There are not many posts in here, and would hate for you to miss out on all the real goss.
  20. Coaster

    Kevin Gordon Video

    Great supporter of the Titans, put this video together of Kevee Flash gordon. Hope you like