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  1. Eddie Lab

    annual report 2014

    report can be found here
  2. Eddie Lab

    Berry Hep A story

    probably nothing as I haven't seen anything online but seven news reported this morning that 3 Tiger players are being tested for Hep A thanks to frozen berries. hope it's nothing but we will see.
  3. Eddie Lab

    Season Prediction/Expectation Thread

    What are you expecting from your teams? Is it in line with the mainstream media’s talking points? Will your team regress or become better? Prediction for W-L? Technically the panthers will regress in the W-L ratio but that’s due to over achieving last year. Media's talking points have...
  4. Eddie Lab

    steam sale

    not sure if everyone has seen the Steam Sale is happening again. jut picked up The Witcher2 for $4. looking at getting either XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion or Torchlight II. has anyone here played them?
  5. Eddie Lab

    mitchell moses

    what are thinking about Mitchell Moses? he ripped it up in the under 20's SoO. Will he get a start sometime this year or are we sticking with Anasta/Austin? looks like he is signed on till 2016 but are we concerned he might leave if he doesn't get a start?
  6. Eddie Lab

    Shane Mattiske gone

    classic news sensationalized head line he was a great help for getting our big TV deal and the transition to the ARLC. I wish him well for where ever he is going.
  7. Eddie Lab

    concussion laws I think this is a great idea. everyone in the game should be taking concussions more seriously.
  8. Eddie Lab

    USA sports TV rights

    I found an interesting article on TV rights for American sports. the article touch's on a few issues that are mirrored in the Australian market. eg; pay TV costs, the move to digital and ballooning sports TV rights costs. if nothing else it has an amazing picture below of how much each sport...
  9. Eddie Lab

    Humble Bundle

    only 1 day left for the Humble Bundle good deal and it all goes to charity.
  10. Eddie Lab


    Pre-season is up next week!! this years Pre-season will be even more pointless then normal seeing as Kalil has already promised that the panthers will in the Superbowl. still football!!!
  11. Eddie Lab

    Royce Simmons

    we are in luck fellow supporters. surely Roycey can come back to save our season.
  12. Eddie Lab

    6 reasons the NFL is the Trashiest reality show on TV not sure if any one here goes on but I found this article a bit of a laugh.
  13. Eddie Lab

    Vick signs with Eagles "Michael Vick has found his new NFL home in The City of Brotherly Love. Vick's agent, Joel Segal, confirmed to NFL Network's Steve Wyche that the quarterback has signed a two-year contract with...