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  1. Parra

    This is strangely compelling and relaxing

  2. Parra

    Top Fuel Drag Racing

    This is what we are missing. Always socially distanced at the drags anyway....
  3. Parra

    IndyCar 2021

    Race two this weekend. Cool track @ St Petersburg Florida. Mclaughlin qualified in top 12 first race. Grosjean made it to top6 and but for bad timing would have been right up there. Very competitive and helps a lot with "local" drivers in Power, Dixon and Mclaughlin (have I forgot anyone)...
  4. Parra

    If you like motorcycle racing this bit of history is a great watch - board track racing

    Wooden Tracks, Brass Balls 100mph on those bikes, on those tracks
  5. Parra

    Scam ads

    I'm seeing scam ads on this forum when I'm on my phone. It's the bitcoin scam using fake stories about Dick Smith and Chris Hemsworth
  6. Parra

    Cheering in defence

    The noise at the new stadium is going to be a key feature. It is incredible. This is a key part of a home ground advantage. When we are attacking the decibels rise. The PA is encouraging people to chant, if not, the people with the drums get it going. How can we take a leaf from NFL fans...
  7. Parra

    Foxtel tackle count

    I think it is wrong. It is annoying. After tackle 1 the graphic reads 1st. After tackle two the graphic reads 2nd and so on. So while the play is happening for the third tackle ( ie On the third) the graphic reads 2nd. It should just say 1,2,3 - as in how many tackles have been completed...
  8. Parra

    Hey Coby - that was quick

    I don't know if you still need any screenshots, but whatever you did worked for me. Ads are back to normal. Phone and PC all good. @CobyDelaney Nice one
  9. Parra

    The ads here are getting out of control

    I'm getting animated/video banner ads across the top and left side of the screen that overlap the forum pages, auto-play on top of the pages and reload each time a new page is loaded. Ads mid-forum as well that have made browsing on a phone difficult if not useless. The Logan/JB ad seems to be...
  10. Parra


    He has been driving the wheels off his shitbox Mclaren Honda this year. A well deserved run in Q3 at Spain rewarded with P7. He really carries that car and belts it around the track. What are the chances of it lasting? From all reports the car he drove around Albert Park was belted up as...
  11. Parra

    Nico Rosburg quits f1

  12. Parra

    Bathurst 2016 - unwatchable crap

    Trying to watch this 'live' on fox. It is hopeless trying to watch 50% of the race in picture-in-picture format with audio from ads playing Awful joke. It's the only interesting touring car race of the year and the broadcast has ruined it. There is bugger all 'live' about this. Better to...
  13. Parra

    Robot Wars is returning

    Bring it on
  14. Parra

    Soul v No Soul

    I figure I have the winner to open the thread. Come up with your best. Soul No Soul
  15. Parra

    Jack Miller

    Now that was unexpected. Held his nerve and won when world champs were tumbling all around him. Great ride to take advantage of the circumstances. The guy can sure nail a stand up wheelstand...
  16. Parra

    Pick a couple of movies

    Only two - no more. The idea is that you suggest movies that you love/rate highly/recommend that are sleepers or at least underrated - movies that you think other posters will not have seen. Limiting it to a max of two as it would be good to have people watch what is suggested and then...
  17. Parra

    Joubert is a joke

  18. Parra

    F1 2016

    The Mercs team taking each other out made for an interesting GP. Red Bull have the two most exciting drivers on the grid. Unbelievable for Verstappen to pull that out in his first time in the Red Bull.