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  1. ATOWN2

    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    He played QLD residents last year. Time will tell.
  2. ATOWN2

    NSW Cup RD 1

    Stefano Utoikamanu is doing this as much for his brother as for himself. The drive that has made him a potential Blues Origin bolter and the subject of a tug-of-war between two rival NRL clubs – before he has even made a single first-grade appearance – comes from a source very close to home...
  3. ATOWN2

    NSW Cup RD 1

    I was wondering about Utoikamanu.
  4. ATOWN2


    BJ is a quality player. Rocks and diamonds. The game against the Knights was his rock game. If/when the NRL starts again this season I'm expecting big things. Nofa has deceptive speed. His defense will improve once he has more experience playing alongside BJ. A couple of years ago BJ and...
  5. ATOWN2

    Kieran Foran, worst signing in the history of the game...

    Jarryd Hayne $1.2 million for the Titans would have to be up there as well. Honourable mention to Chris Walker at Souffs.
  6. ATOWN2

    The Ginger Ninja

    Cooked! He seems obsessed with Matty Johns...
  7. ATOWN2

    Your team's least wanted player - aka pick my SuperCoach team

    Packer and Moses Mbye. Paid massively overs for Mbye.
  8. ATOWN2

    Latrell (officially signs with Souths 13/1/20)

    I'm a Tigers fan and I'd take Latrell but not on the money he was asking for! If Latrell doesn't pull his head out he's at risk of becoming the next Idris.
  9. ATOWN2

    Should Fonua be transformed into a 30 minute wrecking ball?

    Fonua should have stayed in the Super League. A bit too small to be a forward and a bit too slow to be a Winger / Centre.
  10. ATOWN2

    Why is Michael Jennings being dumped by Parramatta? Who will sign him?

    He looks good when he plays for Tonga. The problem with the Eels is that he has to play on his non-preferred side to cover in defence for Mitchell 'Speedbump' Moses. Jennings would still find a club but NOBODY would be willing to spend 800k on a Centre...he should be looking for half that amount...
  11. ATOWN2

    SARL Results

    The Storm experiment was a disaster. 2018 was a real shamble. By the end of the year the only clubs that could field a whole team were Roosters and the Eels. There have been a couple of administrative changes at SARL with a new General Manager being appointed in Justin Dooley. With the change...
  12. ATOWN2

    Odds of playing NRL

    If it's 1:347 80% of them are just ordinary players making up the numbers. So the chance is more like 1:68. If you have speed, power or some other 'x factor' the odds get reduced significantly. By the time most people are 18 they know whether they have a realistic chance or not.
  13. ATOWN2

    Adelaide Rams

    It didn't work out too well when they tried adopting that in Super 15 e.g. Western Force. If a NRL team is ever established in SA it needs to be called Adelaide!!!
  14. ATOWN2

    SARL Results

    They are the 4th team in the comp this year and are basically the Bulldogs replacement as they are training out of Hackham. However, they only have a handful of players so have had to forfeit all of the first 4 games. It's a shame really as the Roosters are now playing out of Eyre Sports Park...
  15. ATOWN2

    Grassroots ( junior league) keeping Nrl accountable!

    I can't comment on what the NRL Development Officers do in schools. However, whatever they are doing (surely positive) is not resulting in these junior players joining clubs in their local metro comp. It would be great to grow the game in the affiliated states so that league could truly become a...
  16. ATOWN2

    SARL Results

    Results- Round 1- Eels 28- Centrals 30 Warriors V Storm (Forfeit) Round 2- Warriors 30- Centrals 40 Eels V Storm (Forfeit)
  17. ATOWN2

    Centres: are they done?
  18. ATOWN2

    2017 Annual Report released

    "Rugby League attendances have remained largely flat for more than a decade. In 2017, total attendances fell by 2%". The way participation is measured is farcical!!! "Nearly 800,000 registered and non-registered players played rugby league last year through school, district, regional and...
  19. ATOWN2

    SARL Results

    100%. 8 teams in the Adelaide metro comp in 2012. 3 Teams in 2018. SARL have completely failed in their responsibility to grow the game. If you're a potential player are you really going to pay full fees just to play a handful of games against the same 2 teams throughout the season? Darwin...