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  1. astrogirl

    Tillegra Dam: Proposed new dam on the Williams River

    Does anyone know anything about this? I live in Sydney now but I was handed a flyer about this, and a discussion for it at NSW Parliament House on Monday. I think I may well go. To be honest, I don't even know where the Williams River is yet - just that it is in the Upper Hunter Valley...
  2. astrogirl

    New rule I wasn't aware of

    Just chilling at home watching the Friday night footy tonight. Bulldogs v Roosters, following the Sonny Bill Williams and Willie Mason verbal biff through the week. Anyway, a Dogs player was about to attempt to score a try. (I think it was Patten.) Mason and another Roosters player were...
  3. astrogirl

    Carney: interested in how his uni studies are going?

    You might recall that Carney left the Titans, citing fmaily and study as reasons for retirement. Read these in order - quite interesting I thought!
  4. astrogirl

    smh league hq: Don't crucify my Origin boy Don't crucify my Origin boy Andrew Webster | May 16, 2007 Does he have enough experience? Will he handle the pressure? Is he up to it? Leaann Mullen is worried for her son. "I'm worried this might...
  5. astrogirl

    Notice about posts ***please read***

    Lately this forum doesn't seem to be the welcoming place that we're used to. This is mostly due to a few forum members who have been very direct in expressing their disagreement with other people's views, to the point of rudeness. In some cases, it appears that they are attacking the other...
  6. astrogirl

    KOTW - who is recording & adding up the points??

    I have this strange feeling that maybe I volunteered? Please tell me someone is doing this!!
  7. astrogirl

    Union is better than league?

    I went to the pub tonight, to watch the Waratahs v the Hurricanes with my friend. I don't mind doing that, particularly as beer is involved. However I have to put up with the inevitable comments about how union is more interesting / physical / tactical etc than league. What should my...
  8. astrogirl

    Newy restaurant suggestions?

    I'm looking to take my Mum out for Mother's Day, and she wants to try somewhere new. Does anyone have any ideas on where to go? Any cuisine except Chinese would be good. Mains around $20 to $25ish. Any help would be great :D
  9. astrogirl

    Notice re Harbour Bridge on Sunday 18 March

    I saw signs on the harbour bridge today. It will be closed on Sunday 18 March, which is the first Knights game of the season. This will affect those who are driving from Sydney or Wollongong. I'm not sure if it affects trains. I am not 100% sure, but I think the sign said that the bridge...
  10. astrogirl

    Interesting! "Female refs in a league of their own" Female refs in a league of their own Adrian Proszenko February 11, 2007 MELISSA Yates and Danielle Berry are aiming to create history by becoming the first women to officiate in the...
  11. astrogirl


    My sisters and I played Scrabble on Christmas day. It's gotta be up there - I love it. Reminds me of childhood :D Also love Chinese checkers and Monopoly. :crazy: What's your favourite?
  12. astrogirl

    Is there a way to backup emails in gmail?

    Does anyone know? I've just realised I have a stack of personal corro in my gmail account that I would hate to lose. Is there a way to back it up? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. astrogirl

    Four things

    Four jobs you've had in your life: 1. Waitress 2. Sales assistant 3. Analyst 4. - Four movies you could watch over and over again (not to be confused with favourite movies): 1. Four Weddings and a Funeral 2. Love Actually 3. Clueless 4. 10 Things I Hate About You Four TV shows you love(d) to...
  14. astrogirl

    Can't Live Without

    This thread is inspired by the last page in one of the Sunday magazines, where someone talks about the things they love. What are the 10 or so possessions you can't live without? Elume candles, papaya or cranberry I love coming home and lighting a candle. The smell, and also I love watching...
  15. astrogirl

    TV addiction

    An unsurprising off season thread topic :D I think I am addicted to TV. If I can, I would watch: Sunday - Idol Monday - Idol, Grey's Anatomy Tuesday - Dancing with the Stars, All Saints Oh dear... Anyone else with a big TV intake?
  16. astrogirl

    I'm a scaredy cat

    Got a few irrational fears. Anyone else? Mine are: 1. Getting locked in the bin room in my apartment building. 2. The monster behind the bathroom door in the dark - that is SO childish!
  17. astrogirl

    V8 Supercars at Bathurst - who's into it?

    I love it. Can't miss the race start, and often spend the rest of the day with the telly on, hanging out at home watching the race. Gotta sort out the important issue of who to support. I know the Ford v Holden thing is a big deal, but my allegiance is only Ford because that's what I...
  18. astrogirl

    Best thing you've ever won

    Till this year, the best thing I have ever won is a fling camera in a maccas 2nd chance draw when I was about 10 years old. In the last two months I have won a $100 dinner at a restaurant somewhere in the rocks, and a seaplane ride over Sydney harbour. Woohoo :crazy:
  19. astrogirl

    Anyone watching Idol?

    Yes, I have been sucked in YET AGAIN! This what I reckon: Joseph Gatehau will be out. Seems a cute, nice kid but pretty terrible performance. Right Here Waiting. Bobby Flynn and Lisa Mitchell - both quirky and really good. Bobby did When the War is Over and Lisa did Fall at Your...
  20. astrogirl

    Manly down - who will we play next week?

    Or not at all? What do you reckon?