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  1. Burns

    Shaun Johnson signs for 2022

    Huge, huge news. Walsh and SJ? Goosebumps.
  2. Burns

    NZRL: Mid-Year Tests unlikely, look to play Tonga in October NZRL CEO Greg Peters saying no mid year test in Auckland, and unlikely to be played in Australia. States that too uncertain to play in Australia , and NRL are have...
  3. Burns

    Jon Dutton: Cup Delay into 2022 would be "last resort"

    Source: Given the state of the world, and particular the spiking numbers again across Europe - i've tuned out a bit towards the World Cup. I...
  4. Burns

    There will no Tests this year right?

    *dramatic thread warning* But like, they're not going to go ahead are they? If the game is going to lose all this money due a forthcoming season played with no fans - how could the Tests be bankrolled? If the season is suspended, and pushed back into October e.g. - The pose season Tests might...
  5. Burns

    NZ lose home fixture to Australia + will play PNG in PNG The Kiwis won't get the chance to play the Kangaroos on home soil this year, with the annual transtasman clash again in Australia in mid-October after the NRL season. The teams met in Wollongong last year and at Mt...
  6. Burns

    Brad Walter: Oceanic Cup 2020 may have a Final, Women's Tournament planned + much more "However, the Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation and tournament promoters, Duco Events, appear to have taken note of the concerns raised as it is understood the 2020 Oceania Cup will...
  7. Burns

    Mal: "We're playing the right amount of games" "We’ve got opportunities to play four or five Tests next year, we’ll see how we go.” The Australians are scheduled to embark on a Kangaroo tour of Europe next season that...
  8. Burns

    Where should the Mid Year & Oceanic Tests be played in 2020?

    Question in the Thread Title. We know that: New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji are in Pool A. Samoa, Cook Islands and PNG are in Pool B. The above must all play at least 2 Tests next year for the Oceanic Cup. We also know that New Zealand have expressed an interest to play PNG in Port Moresby, as...
  9. Burns

    How pointless were the 'GB Lions' and this Tour

    Beaten by Tonga Beaten by Kiwis x2 Only managed to score, what, 3 tries across all the games? May very well get beat by PNG next week I mean, really, who could have predicted this slow moving car crash of a Tour. 'England' have not played since 2018. What a wasted year. They are in a steep...
  10. Burns

    Match Thread - Christchurch Double Header

    Coverage just started on GEM/Fox. There is about 500 people there, 20min from kick off for PNG v Fiji. I think the first game will be much better than GB Lions v Kiwis. Im pretty low hype about this.
  11. Burns

    What now International Forum? Hot takes from the past two weeks.

    Did last night happen? My head is spinning from what Tonga have achieved. It's going to be easy to be swept up in 'Tonga can win in 2021', but realistically, what will happen between now and the next group of International Tests? The domestic Tongan scene must be sorted out, by say...
  12. Burns

    Match Thread - Triple Header at Eden Park

    A thread for the three matches today Who wins? Im going with Samoa to beat Fiji comfortably. Fiji have really struggled to get their NRL players out for this match which is pretty weird. New Zealand to edge out GB Lions. I'm not that fussed on this game? Feel like i've seen NZ v England...
  13. Burns

    2020 Rep Round fixtures?

    Is there nothing in the NRL draw announcement?
  14. Burns

    Warriors + Blues double header at Eden Park - 21 March 2020 "The Blues and Warriors are set to announce a double header at Eden Park next year, where they will take on both Canberra teams. The two Auckland based clubs are...
  15. Burns

    [Match Thread] GB Lions v Tonga XIII - Hamilton - 26 Oct 2019

    Thread for match discussion. A crowd of around 10,000 expected. Will we see the 'Tier 1' Tonga? pls just be a good game thx
  16. Burns

    [Match Thread] Australia v New Zealand - 25 October 2019

    1. James Tedesco 2. Josh Addo-Carr 3. Latrell Mitchell 4. Jack Wighton 5. Nick Cotric 6. Cameron Munster 7. Daly Cherry-Evans 8. Josh Papalii 9. Damien Cook 10. David Klemmer 11. Boyd Cordner 12. Tyson Frizell 13. Jake Trbojevic Interchange: 14. Ben Hunt 15. Payne Haas 16. Paul Vaughan 17. Wade...
  17. Burns

    [Match Thread] World 9’s!

    Best time of year, international footy babey. I’m calling a USA Tournament victory because why not. Forget about the small crowd size, and the lopsided scores - it’s international footy! First game kicks off in an hour, who wins?
  18. Burns

    Samoa knocked back Craig Bellamy offer to coach Imagine One of the best coaches in history offers to coach your national team and outlines a plan for development. Your current coach has been a disappointment since the bright period of 2014 when you nearly beat NZ in NZ. You then decide that Bellamy is...
  19. Burns

    Fiji Coach: "We have no halfbacks". Source above, selected quotes below: "It should come as no shock that when Fiji coach Brandon Costin was holding trials for his team to play against the Prime Minister's...
  20. Burns

    Lebanon players boycott World 9’s

    Source is today’s Daily Telegraph. Can’t post due to paywall etc. All I can say is lol. With the 9’s apparently struggling to sell tickets, and the whole Tonga situation - this is shaping up to be the worst International series ever.