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  1. blacksafake

    Semi Final Predictions

    You can throw in Gagai & TPJ too. Will be plenty of sledging & in your face action from this lot.
  2. blacksafake

    Dragons table three-year deal to Moses Suli

    Bird won’t be in the 6
  3. blacksafake

    Young takes over from Gordon

    We don’t hear boo from the bloke since he became chairman & now that he’s stepping aside he comes out with excuses. As for Young taking the chair I can’t see much improvement except for the fact he’s got some footy knowledge compared to Gordon. Regardless we still have the same board in place so...
  4. blacksafake

    This time last year, Phil Gould was right… like him or loathe him..

    Well if we don’t it’ll be embarrassing
  5. blacksafake

    The Rumours Thread

  6. blacksafake

    Jayden Sullivan

    Good question, I’m sure @George Dragon can answer that for us.
  7. blacksafake

    Jayden Sullivan

    At the moment Hunt is our best 7 & should be picked there. Buds time will come.
  8. blacksafake


    I don’t hate the bloke & feel for his circumstances with his family. My comments are strictly in reference to his coaching ability whilst at the dragons. I’ve no doubt he loves the club & yes it was the board’s fault as much as his for continuing to sign him.
  9. blacksafake

    Semi Final Predictions

    I think both games will be close. I’m a huge fan of Turbo but I reckon Souths can get over Manly. Panthers are a real chance of knocking off the storm but having the week off should see the Storm hang on.
  10. blacksafake

    Jayden Sullivan

    Seems like a great young man with a good attitude. Hopefully he’ll fulfill his potential & have a long career at the dragons. Also like his comments about Hunt.
  11. blacksafake

    Long Term Coach - Josh Hannay

    Would like to see someone like Neil Henry come on board.
  12. blacksafake

    Ben Hunt - Best Season to Date

    Yet all you hear from the media is how overrated & paid he is. To be that close to the others is testament to the way he’s played & put in for the club.
  13. blacksafake

    The Rumours Thread

    Supposedly being chased by the warriors
  14. blacksafake


    Wasn’t Rohan on the coaching staff with Brian at some stage.
  15. blacksafake

    Lomax released by dragons

    You're consistent if nothing else🤣
  16. blacksafake

    Biggest changes needed in 2022

    Go Good read, thanks OED.
  17. blacksafake


    This sounds about right
  18. blacksafake

    Sack mcgregor

    I wouldn't be so sure about that. He'll be doing his best behind Freddy's back to make himself next in line.
  19. blacksafake

    The Rumours Thread

    Benny Elias & expert opinion in the same sentence LOL The bloke is a dribbler & rent a quote merchant.