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  1. Manurewa_Marlins

    Rugby Union General Discussion and Views

    I grew up playing league, played a couple seasons of union as I went to a reputable school where we were expected to do so, went back to league right afterwards though. I like watching both, prefer league but can get behind a good game of union. Super Rugby doesnt do it for me though. League...
  2. Manurewa_Marlins

    What Movies Have You Seen III

    Uncut Gems - verrrrrry good watch.
  3. Manurewa_Marlins

    Indie & Other Feds - SPOILERS

    Headed along to WK14 this past weekend. A lot of fun as expected, NJPW sure do know how to put on a show. Probably could have been squeezed into one night, but they did big business.
  4. Manurewa_Marlins

    League Unlimited's Favourite Wrestler of All Time

    Yeah use my old one too mate
  5. Manurewa_Marlins

    Next Time On An All New TV General Discussion Thread

    Binged through the second season of Mr. Inbetween this week. Man, what a series! Any idea if theyre gonna push a third one through?
  6. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    I do think the flow is improving a lot though.
  7. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    yeah that indyriffic stuff is played out. I wanna see innovative offense sure, but make it make sense in that 'wrestling' way we all want. And yeah, the promos are really top notch. The Thanksgiving stuff from Jericho was so damn good.
  8. Manurewa_Marlins

    WWE SuperThread II *Spoilers*

    Yeah he's signed to Fox, and it'll be sorta like Cormier was (is? ) with MMA analysis. meh tbh. AEW certainly missed out though if they stood any chance to get him in the ring.
  9. Manurewa_Marlins

    YouTube film critics/reviewers

    Love the blokes from Cinemassacre. Just a bunch of friends having genuine fun with movies they like - not typically blockbusters either. The Angry Video Game Nerd series they produce is dynamite too!
  10. Manurewa_Marlins

    The Mandolorian

    Haha! One of my fav Billy bits.
  11. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    Didn't enjoy the pay per view this time round. It was a bit flat until the World Title match, which was quite good but certainly not mindblowing. Cody did take a hell of a knock though! The postmatch stuff with MJF was well received in our viewing party thats for sure. Main Event was a crazy...
  12. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    They need a few guys to return from Japan, such as the KES. Size on the roster is an issue right now. And yeah, a few other guys need to have a go on the stick. Even if theyre just minute long pretapes. Let em have a crack.
  13. Manurewa_Marlins

    2019 RU World Cup

    England deserved that win, dominated the ABs. Should be theirs to lose but those damn Saffas can play a bit too.
  14. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    Oh and Janella/Omega was excellent too.
  15. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    This week's show was excellent. The opener was awesome, the second tourny match was good too even though the Dark Order suck. Bucks/Friends match was good, love OC! Womens match was good. Really liked the Inner Circle segment, the look on Jericho's face at the end holding up his ticket like a...
  16. Manurewa_Marlins

    Next Time On An All New TV General Discussion Thread

    Also waiting for it to end so I can binge it. Awesome show.
  17. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    Yeah I enjoyed it too, probably not as much as last week's but it was a good effort for sure. Plenty of action. WOuld like to have seen LAX cut the promo on the Bucks instead of Jericho, but it didnt ruin anything. I agree re. Riho. I like her a lot, but I think they rushed her into being champ...
  18. Manurewa_Marlins

    *AEW Chat*

    Watching the show tonight. Was it pretty bad? I heard Luchasaurus got hurt outside of the company.
  19. Manurewa_Marlins

    OT- Rugby World Cup

    South Africa really took it to the ABs in that first match, but they showed a lot of class in a five-ten minute period to steal the win. They are the threat, Japan's fairytale ends Sunday...that being said I'm definitely cheering for the Blossoms. A bad day can see Ireland or England beat us...
  20. Manurewa_Marlins

    2019 RU World Cup

    The relaity is we need a sixth team too, but right now there just isn't a union with a domestic league strong enough to fill that void. Fiji would be the logical choice, but their players play in Europe and as such will be difficult to get released outside of their international window. The...