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  1. kdalymc

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 ps4

    am i missing something here?? this game is dogshit.. meant to be the official game of the olympics and its more of a pisstake/ Sonic kids version.. is this just cos its tokyo? i know its been a few since the last game, but the "official" games are just that. the events are gender neutral, u are...
  2. kdalymc

    When you order statues from Wish dot com...

    What's the go here? The Suncorp statues are all spot on, Smith's looks like Johnny Cash and Slaters is a dead ringer for Elvis Presley....
  3. kdalymc

    KaTOEni Staggs

  4. kdalymc

    Whats the actual go with tickets?

    I cant find any info (maybe cos i haven't even googled it) about tickets to Suncorp, couple Storm fans wanna go this weekend, but also keen on the Broncos Storm match next month.. Is it members only? And or is their a way to get a 2 game membership? Anyone else been to any other fields- is it...
  5. kdalymc

    Why are they actually still called Souths-Logan?

    Haven't played a game in Logan in 15 (?) years, have totally removed the blue and gold, was not a merger anyway, but simply a takeover (whatever that means). Also anyone I know decent from the logan and/or southside comps has gone onto play for an other club than Magpies...
  6. kdalymc

    87 year old breaking ankles at NRL Masters

    Hopefully this doesn't get moved please, everyone needs to see this.. Just got home from a week at NRL Masters on the Gold Coast, wow what a beautiful event. Our team (Jake's Allstars) came up against a team from Norfolk Island, which featured Ian, 87 years old and still running around...
  7. kdalymc

    How does the WorkCover 85% work??

    hey all, so im on work cover, they have told me they are paying 85% of my wage. now, any money is a bonus, but i just wanna make sure ive got my head around this. she told me they just take an average, then go 85% of that -time worked divided my money earned, however how does approved leave...
  8. kdalymc

    ARL Logos...

    can anyone tell me if this is 100% from round 1 or was the Optus Logo added in mid 96? i can find youtube footage from about round 6 with the Optus logo, but nothing earlier... also funny to see that in round 1 of 1997 the badge on jersey read "ARL" but the markings on the field were...
  9. kdalymc

    Bring back the Goose Step

    Has anyone done one before or after Noa Nadruku? Yesss i know K Hunt had the big knee shake thingy which was pretty rad, it did turn a few inside out, but im talking the true goose step. Must have video evidence
  10. kdalymc

    How to watch origin in USA??

    im in Seattle Apparently it works out to like 3am here... anyway, anyone know the channel (if?) I can watch it on here, or any legal streams? Mods please don’t write “ask nrl” because it just says sign up for $$$ a month bla bla There’s gotta be a channel somehow... cheers
  11. kdalymc

    WA- did we miss the boat ?

    The Force got the booter and we did nothing. Now the Eagles have just won the AFL and we will probably continue to sit back and let that single code take over the state. Needed to move when RU bailed in my opinion, is it too late for over there or can we take our time and come in hard ?
  12. kdalymc

    Lodge vs Fifita

    Anyone got screen shots??Lodge puts up an insta post saying how good Suncorp is, Fifita comments ‘run it straight you piece of shit’ bla bla. Opinions aside, a bit of sledging is always good in my opinion and I think we need more characters like this in the game, something we’ve lost the last...
  13. kdalymc

    Place kick for touch

    Last second of the game yesty JT looked like he was calling for the tee, was desperate for metres and had one chance at a decent kick followed by field goal. The young fella didn’t know what was going on so Feldt just punted it and only made 30m. Every kick off makes 40- 50m and is more accurate...
  14. kdalymc

    David Fafita to debut- born in 2000

    Yo mods feel free to move, I’m sure there was a thread here about first player born in the 2000s or some shit. David Fafita will debut for the Broncos this weekend, I think he’s the youngest in the NRL. He will be beside Sam Thaiday, who made his debut when David was only 3. Pretty cool.
  15. kdalymc

    Laptop battery issue HELPPPP

    hey all, hoping this is the right place to post this.. so i have a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop, i had an issue with the computer dying every 2 hours (low battery mode, brightness would dim, get the 7% battery warning, and then it would die), then i could press power again, and it would start...
  16. kdalymc

    Buried beers in a mountain, dug em up months later

    check this vid we made, feed back appreciated
  17. kdalymc

    Agars head

    Ashton Agar should not shave his head.. He’s aged 30 years in 5...
  18. kdalymc

    Running shoes after back surgery

    So I’ve just had a L5/s1 discectomy, same operation Danny Buderus and Miniture-cello had back in the day. Early days now obviously but once iv done my rehab I need to lose some weight, and I love running, but obviously this puts strain on the back. Does anyone have any suggestions about this-...
  19. kdalymc

    Trick plays- illegal?

    there is a video going around of some Indians pulling off a baseball like trick play where the keeper pretends to let it go thru for a couple of byes, the slips fielder jogs toward to boundary to chase, the batter proceeds to run, when the keeper suddenly stumps him. i was thinking awesome, why...
  20. kdalymc

    When are Northern Pride gonna change their name?

    Almost, actually maybe even worse than West’s Tigers. Not North qld, Not northern qld, just northern. Northern what... I think this even came up after that GF Super Bowl in Sydney vs Penrith and everyone in NSW was asking “where are they even from”.. I believe if your not going to represent a...

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