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  1. Lemon Squash

    Spring 2021

    Let’s get this show on the road you delicious bunch of misfits, loners and masochists… otherwise known as bad Saturday punters and Eels supporters. While we are on topic does anyone have a cure for male pattern baldness?
  2. Lemon Squash

    Autumn 2021

    Let’s kickstart this mofo Really like Tagaloa to bounce back this week in the CS Hayes, currently $8.50/$3 with the TAB and I have unleashed. If it doesn’t at least place Lemon won’t be having a bet until Spring 2027
  3. Lemon Squash

    Spring 2020

    Buckle yourselves in degenerates you’re in for a wild ride. The only way to make myself feel better after coming to the realisation that Parra are doomed to fail like always is to wind up and let fly on the punt today. Somehow knowing I’ll be doing my ass in and potentially soiling myself at...
  4. Lemon Squash

    Autumn 2020

    Still January but I don't give a shit... if you don't like it you can bite me merkins!! Decent noms this week at Randwick and Caulfield
  5. Lemon Squash

    Spring 2019

    It’s go time merkins!!! And while their at it bring back Niconero
  6. Lemon Squash

    20 Greatest Horses of the last 20 years Have some fun with this boys! I’ve only been following racing closely the last 10 years or so but don’t think he is too far off the mark. Would say Hay List is very unlucky...
  7. Lemon Squash

    Autumn 2019

    Expressway this weekend unofficially kicks it off so let’s get this show on the road my fellow masochists Major questions to ask: How many marriages will be ended in the group after this carnival? How many 10k Quaddies will Locky nail in a row? What piss weak excuse will Arrowfield make for...
  8. Lemon Squash

    Spring 2018

    Thought it was about time merkins with some decent races starting to kick off Couple of my watch horses this Spring D’argento Lanciato Eawase Pure Elation Cordero Miss Fabulass Sully Outrageous Also interested to see how the next crop of Jap horses go that have come over to Weir and Freedman
  9. Lemon Squash

    Autumn 2018

    Let’s do it ya bunch of Ginga Dudes! First grp 1 of the season, really keen on Abbey Marie ew
  10. Lemon Squash

    Trial Thread

    I don't know about you merkins but watching trials is one of my favourite ways to find a winner, especially when you can find a sneaky one back in the field that doesn't necessarily have a 'flashing light' on it. Last week I backed Perat on debut at Canterbury off its trial where it finished...
  11. Lemon Squash

    Spring 2017

    why not.... I'm drunk.... f**k all 5 of you merkins who will actually post in this thread
  12. Lemon Squash

    American Pharoah

    Standing at Coolmore this year, 66k Great coup again for the breeding industry here.. Now we just need people to support him instead of sending their mares to all the millions of squib sires we have. Horses like this bloke + Maurice + Real Impact + No Nay Never + Torando etc are needed...
  13. Lemon Squash

    Autumn 2017

    Probably going off a little early but there is a few good horses coming back this week and next so I reckon lets get this puppy cracking. If you are like me you will be over watching five-horse fields of scrubbers week in and week out. Couple of quality races this week Eskimo Prince Breeders...
  14. Lemon Squash

    The Everest

    Interesting Concept.. I personally like it, I think it will add a lot of theatre to what would normally just be another race. For those of you who aren't aware the ATC has confirmed the 3rd richest race horse race in the word (richest on turf) $10 million AU 1200m sprint called 'The Everest'...
  15. Lemon Squash

    Spring 2016

    Think we can officially launch this bad boy now punters :cool: Few good races kicking off this week, especially the Melbourne 3yo races couple of promising types going round there. What horses are everyone looking forward to seeing back? Any long range tips for the big races? Any smokey...
  16. Lemon Squash


    What a f*cking champion.. That is all.
  17. Lemon Squash

    Autumn 2016

    A sight for sore eyes with some carnival horses beginning to kick of their campaigns over the next week or so. Thought I'd kick us off a thread. Any horses people are particularly looking forward to seeing come back this time in? Tulsa is back in this week in the Manfred Stakes...
  18. Lemon Squash

    Star Stable Spring 2015

    Any of you kents keen to do a LU Star Stable comp for this carnival? Let me know if interested, probably need at least half a dozen or so to bother setting up a comp. It could be a bit of fun and give us some added banter over the Spring. Game on Hendrix :cool:
  19. Lemon Squash

    American Pharoah

    I'm not a big fan of American racing but jeez this looks to be some horse. Obviously already a dominant winner of the triple crown (first horse in 34 years) and then this morning bolted in the Haskell Invitational by two lengths untouched. Would have loved to see this horse travel...
  20. Lemon Squash

    Enjoy retirement champ

    Yesterday one of the true greats of the Australian Turf was retired... Earnest Ernest. He was about as genuine as Caitlyn Jenner's Vagina. Surely he has a paddock and stall reserved down at Living Legends? Right next to where Wazn's is being saved.