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    Mentally Exhausted

    I am stepping away from the forum, mentally Exhausted over the last few years. Totally mentally drained
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    Team vs Donkeys.

    1. W.Kennedy 2. S.Katoa 3. J.Ramien 4. C.Tracey 5. M.Hiroti 6. L.Metcalf 7. B. Trindall. 8. T. Rudolf. 9. B. Brailey. 10. A.Woods. 11. B.Nikora. 12. S. Talakai. 13. J. Williams. 14. M.Moylan. 15. A. Tolman. 16. B. Uele. 17. T. Wilton
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    First time since 2002

    First time since 2002, where we have had 4 players in a game score multiple tries. 2002 it was Peachey, Rieck, Mellor and Noddy. Yesterday Kennedy, Katoa, Mulitalo, Metcalf. Long time between drinks
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    Team vs tigers

    1. Kennedy. 2. Katoa. 3. Hiroti. 4. Ramien. 5. Mulitalo. 6. Tracey. 7. Trindall. 8. Rudolf. 9. Brailey. 10. Woods. 11. Nikora. 12. Talakai. 13. Williams. 14. Metcalf. 15. Uele. 16. Wilton. 17. Magoulias. 18. Moylan. 19. Chambers. 20. O'Donnell. 21. Lualua
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    Hannay 40/40

    We remember Flanno and playing for the 70, with Hannay it's play for the 40. Maybe he rips into them too hard at half time, or says nothing, since he has taken over. First half points for 202 against 168. 2nd half points for 115 against 230. We have not won a 2nd half for 9 games since the...
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    Jack Williams make him captain

    It's time to make him captain for rest of the season, Woods offers nothing he is not a leader. Jack busts a gut, he will take that hitup when needed let's see how he goes. Woods point blank does not deserve to be captain
  7. Stake Removed

    Team this week

    With season gone, need to try something.. 1. Kennedy. 2. Katoa. 3. Nikora - he looks more a centre then Ramien. 4. Lualua - he is named in 21 each week let's see. 5. Mulitalo. 6. Metcalf - give him time on field. 7. Trindall. 8. Talakai - play him in the middle gives us go forward. 9. Brailey...
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    Woodsy stat

    Just had a look he has only had one year with more then 50% wins, that was 2011 his first year, since then all downhill. Tommorrow be interesting to see how he goes against Lodge and Fainu Blake
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    We need centres

    We need some centres for next year. Ramien - can't set a winger up, more a backrower. Tracey - not sure more I see of him. Ferris - always injured. JL - was 19th man untested. JT - untested. Nikora - he looks more a centre then Ramien. We have been recruiting well, but we need a strike centre
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    Yvonne Sampson doesn't like sledging

    She better not get a job with NRL board, didn't like Chambers telling Walker the truth. How soft does she want this game
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    Snout vs Quiksilver

    The feud of the forum, it's great no being involved in these anymore
  12. Stake Removed

    A trip should be send off

    It was always a send off and still should be, it is one of most dangerous plays
  13. Stake Removed

    Newtown again oh yeah

    The Jets have retained the NSW cup yet again, with the season called off for 2021. The Jets are still the reigning champions from 2019, the streak continues. A win by DQ
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    Team vs Eagles.

    1. Kennedy. 2. Katoa. 3. Chambers. 4. Ramien. 5. Mulitalo. 6. Tracey. 7. Trindall. 8. Tolman. 9. Brailey. 10. Woods. 11. Nikora. 12. Talakai. 13. Rudolf. 14. Uele. 15. Hunt. 16. Williams. 17. Fifita. 18. Moylan. 19. Metcalf. 20. Magoulias. 21. Lualua
  15. Stake Removed

    Johnson 4-8 weeks

    That's the end of Johnson he won't be back 4-8 weeks will be 8 for him, he will aim to rehab for Warriors. Tuxedo packed and he is gone
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    Our off contract players

    This is what we have left yet to be signed by us or elsewhere. Will Chambers - like to see him stay on base amount, experience and attitude. Josh Dugan - he is out the door no loss. Mawene Hiroti - Had a few chances has not done enough to keep other bargain players or youth can cover. Nene...
  17. Stake Removed

    Tolman Suspension

    Is facing 1 game suspension, which means Woods will play again
  18. Stake Removed

    Nikora time to offload

    I believe we should be looking to offload Nikora, before his value decreases. He had one good season after that no improvement, he seems to play half decent only when SJ has a good game. With him going I can't see any improvement in him. If we could offload him I would be happy to sign Lachlan...
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    Flanagan's returning ?

  20. Stake Removed

    Ot - Mitchell Pearce