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  1. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    From Bad to Worse for John Terry Poor John Terry. As a Liverpool supporter I should hate JT. He's a scumbag Chelsea boy, cockney twat, southern fairy, knob-head nugget. But I don't hate him. I think he's a boss player and leader...
  2. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Phil Brown sacked by Hull

    Phil Brown has been sacked by Hull City. The controversial boss was axed after the club were embarrassed by a fight between Jimmy Bullard and Nicky Barmby which took place in a local park, in front of members of the local Women's Institute. But insiders say this was not the reason for his...
  3. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    United vs. Liverpool - Sun March 21st 2010

    I just thought that we should have a dedicated thread to the phenomenon that is the North West derby and everything that surrounds it. Looking at both teams we can see a clear favorite. But saying that there nothing Liverpool like more than heading to Old Trafford as under dogs. I'm sure...
  4. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Bye bye POMPY

    Portsmouth to enter administration as saviours disappear. Portsmouth will become the first Premier League club to go into administration tomorrow, a move which will virtually confirm the club's relegation...
  5. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    How are they travelling?

    Long time on see. Haven't been able to keep up with the games since moving to the UK. I have seen the results but they don't always tell the whole story. Just wanted to know from my learned fellow LU posters how are the Knights really travelling?
  6. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Goodbye.........for a while

    Hey guys, I'm off to England next week for 2 years. Finishing up at the good old NSW Department of Education today. So I won’t be around for a while, but once I'm up and running I'll be back. I hope the Knights do well in the next few weeks, especially the lads that are up for...
  7. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Jimmy Mac

    Last year MacManus was a stand-out for our club. Especially when others weren't putting-in, McManus seemed to lift just that little bit more. Runs from dummy-half, line-breaks through the middle, trys a plenty and really added some starch in defence. But this year he seems to be a couple of...
  8. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Julian Huxley has brain tumour,8659,23317340-23217,00.html Bloody hell. Best of luck to Julian and his Family.
  9. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Cross OUT Not good news at all.
  10. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    QLD Reds

    After their first win in the Super 14 season of 08, I've taken a look at the Reds line up and I have to say that they are not looking so bad, in the player stakes. Berrick Barnes Rodney Blake Quade Cooper Sam Cordingley David Croft Digby Ioane Chris Latham Hugh McMeniman John Roe Clinton...
  11. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Tahu's debut A bit early to be talking up a Gits 12 Tahu 13 combination for Australia. But f**k, can't be any worse than what we have now. Good Luck T and welcome to the heart-break of being part of the Tahs.
  12. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    You'll never guess who The CLP ran into yeaterday???

    Good to see the boys having a relaxed stroll through Sydney.
  13. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    My email to Media Watch....

    After putting up with rubbish story after story by the Telegraph, the last straw was the DT having the hide to accuse Newcastle Herald of being bias. So I thought I'd give Media Watch a try:
  14. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Mo Finals......

    Good to see Foxsports making the effort: Would love to see the boys bring back the Mo for the final series.
  15. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Words from Smith 9/08/07 - Audio Spoken very well, but not sure if it's the right comments were said about Bedsy. May cause a bigger rift.......I bloody hope not. Big wraps on Dureau too.
  16. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Anyone Heard??

    Sorry if this has already been posted. Did anyone see that wood-duck from Sports Tonight say right at the end of the sport bulletin. That the Knights would hold a press conference today, that we would be announcing the biggest news in Knights 20 year history. Hope it's good news.....???
  17. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Can We Dare??

    Can we (Australian Rugby Fans, even Laurie Fisher aka Skeepe) dare to think that the Wallabies may actually be competitive at the World Cup this year?
  18. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Wallabies name 59-man train-on squad
  19. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Quick Question

    Who is the only 130kg person to ride a Melbourne Cup Winner? Chris Munce's Cell mate.