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    Guess the 17

    Ok so with no footy on for a while, lets play a bit of a game here, with everyone on Fox or Facebook picking their 17 of all time for clubs, Origins, tests, 80s, 90s, whatever, I thought I'd start with a team of 17, but you have to guess what all these players have in common, the person who gets...

    This great game

    Like everyone here I love this great game, Rugby League. Thursday night getting home from work there was nothing on TV. Then last night there was that real weird feeling, finishing up work, ordering a pizza, opening up a cold one, switching to Fox League with no NRL game, late March on a...

    RIP Don Furner Sr

    New reports coming in just announced that Don Furner sadly passed away overnight. He was the first ever Raiders coach, also coached Easts in the early 70s and also coached Australia from 1986 to 1988, including the undefeated Kangaroos to UK and France...

    RIP Ron Massey

    Passed away this morning, aged 86. Sad day for Rugby League

    Most games covered live in one day?

    Its interesting to note that 5 games will be covered this Saturday, all live. Now in the past we've previously had this number of games played on a Sunday if not more, but only 1 game would be covered on TV, delayed coverage. Could it be a first this weekend? 5 games in one day, all...

    Permanent fixtures

    After the two games at ANZ on the Easter Weekend, it looks like again we're heading for more big crowds on ANZAC Day. The NRL should pen these matches as a permanent fixtures on these days. Good Friday, Bulldogs Vs Souths Easter Monday, Eels Vs Tigers ANZAC Day, Dragons Vs Roosters ANZAC Day...

    Gareth Widdop

    Its interesting, if the Bulldogs win, James Graham will join a long list of English players to have won a competition in Australia. However with Gareth Widdop would be included in the list if Melbourne were to win? I mean he's definately a Pom, born and raised, came to Victoria when he was a...

    The Top 4

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but next week, for the first time since the top 8, 7 or 10 was introduced back in 1995, the teams who finished in the top 4 will play each other in the preliminary finals. Since 1995, there has been at least one team outside the top 4 who still remained one...

    Brothers in Origin Its interesting that if Glen Stewart is fit, it will be the first occassion that two sets of brothers will turn out for NSW. Correct me if Im wrong but this wouldve...

    Best Australian ODI shirt

    Ive seen a lot of different One Day shirts at the cricket lately, but I saw a bloke where one that goes back to the late 80s/ early 90s and with the Personally I prefer the yellow or "Australian Gold" shirts than the green, but this current shirt is better than the one the last few years. One...

    Most bizarre statistics

    I know its the off season but over the years we've seen some interesting stats. Here's a few weird ones: Andrew Ettingshausen scored 5 tries in a match against Illawarra in 1989, but whats more interesting is that he scored 5 tries again against Souths in 1994, both happened on the same day...

    Who remember's this match?

    Just uploaded this video: Not the best years for the Eels, but this was a highlight.

    Welcome back boys..

    Well after Willie Tonga's signing just recently, it got me thinking how many ex Parra players have returned to this great club they sorely missed. I can probably go back to 1997 when Brian Smith first took over. 1997: Jason Bell (Souths and I think Norths as well) 1998: Dave Penna (Souths)...

    HTC Desire

    What does everyone think of this phone? Im currently on a plan and have had this for a few months. Now dont get this phone is quite good, but strange things have happened in recent times. Ie. For some reason I cannot access Camcorder or Camera, the screen just goes blank and have to use the...

    Changes for next year and beyond I dont mind a lot of these changes, the stand alone weekends are alright as long as there's at least 2-3 matches...

    Wettest Rugby Leagues

    I dont know what everyone thought but the conditions on Friday night was one of the worst Ive seen. Not sure if thats the wettest game, but theres been some interesting ones over the years. 1991 State of Origin Game 2, at SFS. Still a great game. 1992 World Sevens, it just rained the whole...

    Current/former Eels players also played for Storm

    Off the top of my head: Andrew McFadden Todd Lowrie Brett Finch Alex Chan David Kidwell Paul Whaturia

    Current/former Eels players also played for Cowboys

    Going into this weekends game, Carl Webb is will added to the list of Parramatta players that have also played for the Cowboys. Off the top my head heres a few to name: Glen Morrison Shane Muspratt Chris Muckert Ashley Graham Willie Tonga And see if you can name one particular one who I think...

    Current/former Eels players also played for Souths

    Id thought Id do this nearly every weekend for the team we're playing against. See if you can name as many current or former Parramatta players that also played first grade for South Sydney. Just to name a few: Dave Penna Jason Bell Joe Galuvao Paul Stringer Dean Widders Daniel Irvine Adam Peek

    Flashback 1991, City Vs Country Interesting game, this was played during the day, probably the last time the City/Country Origin game was played during the day. Wondering what day of the week this was played, and you reckon it was played around Easter. Some big names in both sides...