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    'Pack of merkins'
  2. no name

    Kent tries to give Warriors a wrap (I think?)

    So I come across this article on that Vietchy Sport site on Facebook. From what I can gather I think Paul Kent is trying to write a positive story on the Warriors...
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    Bronco in strife?

  4. no name

    Dally M

    Couldn't see a thread so thought I'd start one. Gee Mal has changed his tune towards the game over the last 20 years.....
  5. no name

    Slater taking the proverbial? Gee, there's no doubting he has had some memory loss from the hit.
  6. no name

    Coach Steve

    Anyone know who the joker asking the question is? Sounds a bit like Massoud. Shows the standard of journos covering RL.
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    Dubai Dylan
  8. no name

    Austin injured Canberra Raiders playmaker Blake Austin could miss the rest of the NRL season with a hand injury. In a huge blow for the third-placed Raiders' premiership aspirations, the five-eighth will undergo surgery on...
  9. no name

    Hoppa > Tedesco Fittler has lost it.....
  10. no name

    McKendry Suspended Obviously a different bunch of blokes to who Klemmer got.
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    Rusty's Rant Seems his step sons were spared...
  12. no name

    Elgey out for season Seeing how he handled the season was one of the few positives I was looking at for this season for the Titans. Extreme mismanagement coupled with bad luck has the club looking pretty dire for the foreseeable future, both on...
  13. no name

    Will Hunt get the Sims treatment from Broncos' fans?

    Ashton Sims was crucified by Broncos' fans for his error late in the game against the Storm in week 2 of the 2008 semis. Some people still haven't forgiven him. Will Ben Hunt be treated the same by Bronco fans and be forever condemned for his 3 crucial errors in a much bigger game?
  14. no name

    NRL coverage on Fox

    What's the hurry with Fox wrapping up their NRL coverage on a Saturday night? Tonight was a close finish with many great tries, defensive efforts and controversial calls, yet the coverage was finished up 8 minutes before the allotted time. Flicked over to Fox 2 and they have a dedicated...
  15. no name

    Repeat Sets

    As a Blues fan I can't recall our halves produce one yet this series. (Other than the flukey one tonight where the refs may have missed a knock on) They had to turn to Farah late on the game to produce a couple. The NSW kicking game in general is crueling any chances of victory.
  16. no name

    Big Willie High Fives his way into Origin team

    According to Paul Kent, Big Willie will get a spot on the bench because he gave high fives to the rest of the bench during City v Country. :?
  17. no name

    Farewell the Send Off

    After Inu stayed on the field today, will we ever see a send off again? I highly doubt it.
  18. no name

    No Separation

    Watching the Knights-Rabbitohs game and the attempted put down by Tuimavave late in the game was instantly dismissed by the VR. After watching it again on slow mo there was no separation as he went to put the ball down. His pinky stayed in contact the whole time. Where is the consistency...
  19. no name

    NSW - A very QLD like team?

    Has anyone notice people have been calling the NSW team a very QLD like team? Mal said it yesterday and Gordan Tallis repeated it again today. What is the reason for this? I think they are two very different sides.
  20. no name

    R.I.P Touch Judges

    Today, the 3rd June 2009, marks a sad day for the Rugby League community. It will go down as the day the role of the touch judge died. Forget the result and the what could have beens, the touch judge tonight was less than 5 metres away from Jarryd Hayne. He kept his flag down said play on and...