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    Oliver Gildart to NRL

    This UK Centre looks the goods. What do others think? He and Ramsey would be sensational.
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    Dragons 2020 Roster in Shambles

    I looked at the Bulldogs Roster for 2020 and they have 26 of their Top 30 signed up plus1 in their in their Development Squad. With severe doubt over De Belin and Graham in doubt and signed players Aitken and Dufty told to look for other clubs the Dragons only have 16 players locked up for...
  3. D

    Tom Carr

    Reported today by the Bulldogs that they have signed Tom Carr. He probably would not be in our top half-a-dozen wingers and no doubt he will return at some stage.
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    Fortae and Gerald

    When I first started reading this Forum two of the major contributors were Fortae and Gerald/Auntie Gerald. Does anyone know how they are getting on as I miss their contributions?