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  1. Helmet Man

    3rd ODI: Bangladesh v India at Mirpur on June 24, 2015

    Bangladesh 2-0 up and have already claimed a series win. Now they are looking for the Banglawash.
  2. Helmet Man

    2nd ODI: Bangladesh v India at Mirpur on June 21, 2015

    3 match series. Bangladesh already 1-0 up by beating India convincingly by 79 runs. 19 year old Mustafizur Rahman took a fifer on debut so interesting to how he will go in this match. India are looking to bounce back. Apparently rain might affect the match but it should be a good contest. Chance...
  3. Helmet Man

    ICC Under-19 ODI World Cup 2013/14

    Just making a thread to post updates on what is going on with the results of the U-19's tournament. Also we can discuss and share the names of some up and coming players who have the potential to be future stars. This is what the table looks like at the moment...
  4. Helmet Man

    2015 ICC ODI Cricket World Cup Pre-Sale Tickets

    Anyone book their tickets yet for next year's world cup in Australia? They released pre sale tickets and luckily i signed upto the World Cup website and so they sent an email to me. Already booked like 13 tickets to different matches because i'm assuming all the good seats will be taken. And the...
  5. Helmet Man

    1st ODI: Bangladesh v New Zealand at Dhaka, Oct 29, 2013

    Bangladesh 33/3. A bad situation they are in but they do always find themselves in this position and work their way out of it. So im not worried even in the slightest. Its funny how being a worser team then the rest of the cricketing nations. Being crap for years may actually be helpful as...
  6. Helmet Man

    1st Test: Bangladesh v New Zealand at Chittagong, Oct 9-13, 2013

    Should be a good match up. NZ had a 2 month rest since the T20s in England. Apparently they were continously playing spinners for 20 days in Sri Lanka to prepare themselves against the Bangers spinners. They are obviously coming into the test matches prepared. Bangladesh have had a 5 month...
  7. Helmet Man

    The Nasir Hossain Appreciation thread

    Hasn't been getting the credit that he deserves. Bangladesh have produced a fantastic batsmen in Nasir Hossain. Only 21 years of age, debuted at 19 years of age and hasn't looked back. Has taken a massive load of Shakib to score majority of the Bangladesh's total. I think Nasir is currently...
  8. Helmet Man

    What Happened to the Gold Coast Titans Fan Forum?

    I know a couple of posters here post on the Titans forum. Does anyone know what happened to the site? Is the site shutting down? I don't always post there, i mainly lurk around but i've made a couple of good friends on the forum and it would be a real shame to lose mates.
  9. Helmet Man

    Best Conversion Kicker In The Game (at the moment)

    So who do you think it is guys?
  10. Helmet Man

    ICC World Test Championship 2017

    Apparently this is going to replace the Champions Trophy. Looking forward to it in 4 years. Good initiative
  11. Helmet Man

    Albert Kelly: What a signing by the Titans.

    How good is this guy going? Playing will real confidence. A livewire who has a very good passing game. Great support play and gets his hands dirty in defence. He also pulls off some great tackles. A great talent. One of the form halfbacks in the competition at the moment. Nice gamble by the...
  12. Helmet Man

    Bangladesh Cricket Team

    What your opinion of the Bangladesh Cricket Team. Are they a dangerous team compared to previous years? Darkhorses in world cricket? Or just another minnow with the likes of Netherland, Ireland etc. This is a nice article (but fairly old article) about Bangladesh Cricket, an Aussie's...