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  1. White Poiner


    Who is he?
  2. White Poiner


    When we playing the dogs this year...
  3. White Poiner


    Q. What time is the cronulla V souths game on fox tonight? A.nd btw watch merrit get dominated tonight.
  4. White Poiner

    ***E-Bay help, Urgent***

    Hello, i just sold a phone on e-bay. And i did not get the price i wanted... Can you refuse to send the item? Please help!!!!!!
  5. White Poiner

    OT-Exicting news

    I was looking at the table today. And, I think we are a chance for the premiership. If the top 8 teams are taken out of the equation, that leaves us 1st! And from first we will probably win the comp! Discuss.
  6. White Poiner

    G Eastwood

    Does he qualify as a rookie? How many games has he had? What other rookies are going good at the broncos? Cheers.
  7. White Poiner

    Congrats champ

    Well a former regular poster here has finally cracked the footy reps.. Benny AKA Stranger has been selected in the Balmain Tigers under 17's team. Congrats..Go beni. Pretty good for michlean man.
  8. White Poiner

    Game **Spoiler**

    game on.. Sharks have scored on the 4th tackle of the game.. Vagana was in.. 6-0
  9. White Poiner

    The decline and decline of this forum

    What has happend.. People like Preniers farked it up.. All the good posters have gone like Thierry Henry, Half, Socksie, etc.. Now Furry Cat, Moffo are putting salt in the wounds.. Alba is the only good one here now.. And maybe immoral. The FFB used to be great... Now its crap...
  10. White Poiner

    Three cheers for simmo,

    On footy show.. Apparently simmo has aggravated his calf muscle injury.. In serious doubt for next week. who will be fullback..?
  11. White Poiner

    NRL 2006 Ladder.

    I have not seen this thread for a little while. Very early predictions. 1. Parramatta 2. Cowboys 3. Dragons 4. Roosters 5. Tigers 6. Sharks 7. Dogs 8. Broncos 9. Manly 10. Newcastle 11. Panthers 12 Storm 13. Warriors 14. Souths 15.Raiders I am quite Bios. Its very hard to pick this year...
  12. White Poiner


    This kid is the king...
  13. White Poiner

    *Special Announcement*

    Do it :)
  14. White Poiner

    What we are missing!

    Tries 3rd try on this. Bring him back.
  15. White Poiner

    Little help: re RL2 controls

    I know all the controls but 1. How do you shoulder barge in attack. This is using a keyboard. Any help?
  16. White Poiner

    Well no one else posted it.

    The Kiwis squad is: Louis Anderson, Roy Asotasi, Nathan Cayless, David Faiumu, Lance Hohaia, Stacey Jones, David Kidwell, Wairangi Koopu, Iafeta Palea'aesina, Frank Pritchard, Tony Puletua, Paul Rauhihi, David Solomona, Clinton Toopi, Motu Tony, Iosia Soliola, Nigel Vagana, Manu Vatuvei, Brent...
  17. White Poiner

    Most disliked player.

    OK guys which player in the cronulla sharks team do you dislike the most. This is this years team.. So it includes players like sullivan, Mellor etc. My choice is Beau Scott. I dont hate thee bloke he is just the player i dislike the most. What about yours?
  18. White Poiner

    Cronulla player of the year?

    Your choice, POTY: Paul Gallen Best back: Nigel Vagana Best foward: Danny Nutley Best rookie: Loo Loo Who do you think?
  19. White Poiner


    Congrats... 2005 premiers You guys really deserved it. Good onya.
  20. White Poiner

    *Newtown Scores*

    12-8 to parra with 25 to go.

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