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    hooray to Creagh

    Now I'm no fanboy of Mary, but his decision to shift Creagh to prop was not just the correct one, it was probably the most important tactical change he has made since taking over. Not only has Creagh produced a consistently high quantity of workload in that role, but the quality of his work is...
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    Business Update, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Brand

    Latest lip service from The Reichstag. Be grateful guys. WE HAVE BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED.
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    Tingha on tv

    The great Nathan Blacklock is playing for the Goannas this weekend against Newcastle! The match will be live on NITV saturday 6.30pm
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    JDB extends to '17

    Magnificent news, with creepy Uncle Wayne rumoured to be hovering. Well in Doustie
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    about Mata'utia

    It's a pre-season article with a twist. The twist being it is interesting to read.
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    Feb 7 trial at Kogarah v Mudgee Dragons

    Don't Mudgee wear the red v? This may be the first time you'll ever see a visiting team wear the red v at Kogarah. Once in a lifetime opportunity.
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    Anzac Match 2013

    I'm ready to let the signings news fade into the background for the moment, and focus on the best club game of the year! Fun fact: if the Dragons win this week, Jamie Soward will have finished his Saints career with a perfect Anzac Day record - 6 from 6.
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    your Jamie Soward moments

    Jimmy Soward came to us in 07, wearing the number 7, and after seven seasons with us will say goodbye. I want to compile the top 7 Jamie Soward moments in the red v. Give me your nominations and the reasons why. Starting with his club debut on June 1 2007, where a Saints team made up mostly...
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    Fire Up! on fbi

    Can't believe there's no thread on the best radio show devoted to the barbaric ballet of rugby league. Anyway, while you can never be sure if Brett and Steve are joking or not, they seemed serious enough about their very big name guest next week - David Gallop. Should be more interesting than...
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    actual team for rd 1

    1. Gerard Beale 2. Brett Morris 3. Chase Stanley 4. Matt Cooper 5. Jason Nightingale 6. Jamie Soward 7. Nathan Fien 8. Dan Hunt 9. Mitch Rein 10. Michael Weyman 11. Tyson Frizell 12. Ben Creagh (c) 13. Trent Merrin Interchange: 14. Bronson Harrison 15. Leeson Ah Mau 16. Matt Prior 17. Cameron...
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    Red V membership initiatives

    Some good ideas there for next season. - Becoming a Red V Member has never been easier or more affordable with the introduction of a Rolling Red V Payment Plan, offering the opportunity for Red V Members to...
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    Memorabilia Museum of LU

    As suggested by TDK14U in his thread featuring the 1929 Saints jersey, here is a thread for sharing and showing off any Dragons memorabilia you possess. I've got a few, but to start it off, here is one I finally had framed and picked up today. It's the jersey Matt Cooper wore in the 2011 WCC
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    Beale named in Kiwi squad, Morris in Kangaroos

    And Beale looks likely to get a start, either at fullback or wing. Match v Kangaroos is on October 13
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    playing future of Josh Miller In my opinion it is negligent for Josh Miller to be allowed to keep playing rugby league. Played only a handful of games for us this year and was KO'd in two of them. With his history...
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    also: farewell Nick Emmett!

    Pretty sure he won't be around next year, unless the Cutters sign him. Shame Pricey didn't give him one more game in first grade this sunday - could do no harm surely! But, he was another key member of the 2010 premiership squad. Played 19 games for us that year and served us well...
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    thanks Ben Hornby

    Thanks to a great clubman on a great career. Thanks for leading the club to it's best period of success since I started watching, thanks for lifting those trophies, and thanks for your brilliant (man of the match, imo) performance in the 2010 grand final. Legend of the club. eA1Gw_FNiHw
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    Kyle out for the season

    Devastating for Style. Have such huge hopes for the guy, and his 5 or so minutes in his best position was mouth-watering. We can only hope he bounces back again
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    the meltdown

    Guys I've been distracting myself with work all day and missed the forum meltdown. What's the latest? Has anyone killed themselves yet?
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    Chase Interesting article on Chase in the Leader today. I like the fact that the coaching staff are showing patience with him, rather than rushing his progress. He is signed for 3 years I think so...
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