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  1. Johnnie Red

    2017 R6 Fri - Panthers 20-21 Rabbitohs @ Pepper

    Its a much closer contest now that the Panthers have stood down those naughty naughty boys. Souths might get home here. Souths by 4.
  2. Johnnie Red

    2017 R6 Fri - Knights 12-22 Bulldogs @ McDonald Jones

    Doggies should wipe the floor with the Knights....however in reality the Knights have improved from last year and have put a few decent performances together this year. Doggies by 14.
  3. Johnnie Red

    '16 | R7 | Sun | CAN 16-40 CRO | GIO

    I think the Raiders will get back on track with this game. Can't see them performing badly 2 weeks in a row. Should be a good battle of the forwards. Raiders by 4.
  4. Johnnie Red

    Attackers Shirt Grabbing

    Better than being a pants dropper.
  5. Johnnie Red

    '16 | R7 | Fri | NQL 44-18 SOU | 1300SMILES

    Reynolds is a big bonus for you...hopefully he can make a claim for the sky blue jumper. Not sure if his return will be enough for the Bunnies to get up though. Cows by a couple of GI field goals.
  6. Johnnie Red

    Parramatta Salary Cap Breaches 500k?!

    If the Eels are found to be guilty they should be punished through relentless public pretty much nothing will change.
  7. Johnnie Red

    '16 | R7 | Sat | CBY 24-20 WAR | Westpac

    This is a battle of two inconsistent teams....toss of the coin really. It will either be a close game or either team could win by 20+ I've got the dogs in a close high scoring game.
  8. Johnnie Red

    Attackers Shirt Grabbing

    Agreed, the only reason for the attacking player to hold onto the defenders jersey is to stop them from getting back on side. I don't think it needs a penalty unless it becomes too excessive.
  9. Johnnie Red

    '16 | R6 | Mon | MEL 12-18 CBY | AAMI

    Geez that aggressive shirt pulling sure showed him :roll:
  10. Johnnie Red

    '16 | R6 | Mon | MEL 12-18 CBY | AAMI

    Good to see the Melbourne Scum getting a free ride again. That's bullsh!t penalty better not decide the game.
  11. Johnnie Red

    Rumoured Signings

    Now that's a trade I would be happy with. I can't see us getting rid of Klemmer for a half back that hasn't lived up to their potential.
  12. Johnnie Red

    '16 | R6 | Sat | WAR 18-34 MAN | Mt Smart

    Isaac Luke is a little grubby prick
  13. Johnnie Red

    A rat in the Broncos ranks

    The club should be stripped of all their competition points...disgraceful behaviour.
  14. Johnnie Red

    The Bunker

    The NRL spends 2m on the Bunker and couldn't get the frame that showed the ball being grounded. All they needed was a Foxtel subscription.
  15. Johnnie Red

    Nathan Merritt

    :lol: Just a tad off the mark there
  16. Johnnie Red

    Josh Reynolds - Pure Class...

    Wittyfan....please! You are taking attention away from the sexual crime of the century!
  17. Johnnie Red

    Bulldog Will Hopoate will not play rugby league on Sundays for religious reasons

    Most heads of churches "work" on Sundays...why not Hoppa? Rugby League is a religion anyway.
  18. Johnnie Red

    Bulldog Will Hopoate will not play rugby league on Sundays for religious reasons

    The Bulldogs are lucky that they only have 3 Sunday games this year. Otherwise it would be a major drama for the players and fans, overall most seem ok with it. I wonder if someone like JT was in this position, would the NRL not schedule any Sunday games for the Cowboys? It would be in the...