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  1. Hills Dragon


    Wow. He looks pretty useful.
  2. Hills Dragon

    What is the first rule you have learnt playing junior football... play to the whistle !!!

    They are a seriously dumb team. And Billy Burns shouldn’t play first grade again. He’s had plenty of opportunities and he’s just hopeless.
  3. Hills Dragon

    Round 13 - Dolphins

    Sooooooooo dumb.
  4. Hills Dragon

    Round 13 - Dolphins

    Bird is really good at putting the side under pressure.
  5. Hills Dragon

    Sack Griffin

    Yes, he‘s like Colin Robinson.😂
  6. Hills Dragon

    Round 11 team

    I think you forgot no.13, Not Bird.
  7. Hills Dragon

    Round 8 Vs Roosters ANZAC DAY GAME

    Anyone should be playing hooker ahead of Mbye. How the F does he keep getting picked?
  8. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 v Raiders

    It just won’t happen. For reasons I can’t comprehend Griffin seems to be infatuated with Mbye.
  9. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 v Raiders

    Yeah, so he’s only allowed to play for 20 minutes each week.
  10. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 v Raiders

    Yeah, Sullivan.
  11. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 v Raiders

    What’s the story with Griffin and Liddle? He consistently makes us more dangerous in attack whilst Mbye looks about as dangerous as a Labrador puppy, and yet Mbye is clearly our first choice hooker. Has Liddle been texting Mrs Griffin?
  12. Hills Dragon

    Dragons V Sharks Round 4

    You’re thinking of Inglis.
  13. Hills Dragon

    New recruits for 2023

    Yeah he did get one bomb under pressure and he dropped it. We were lucky their halfback had a shocker with the boot. I’m still far from convinced about Sloan under the bomb, but hopefully he’s turned a corner.
  14. Hills Dragon

    Dragons v Titans Round 2, 2023

    This comment aged really well.😂
  15. Hills Dragon

    Dragons v Titans Round 2, 2023

    Now it’s time for the airing of grievances.😂
  16. Hills Dragon

    Dragons v Titans Round 2, 2023

    Liddle won't play 80 minutes at hooker anyway, so I don't think it's a bad thing. He'll probably come on after 30 minutes or so then play the rest of the game.
  17. Hills Dragon

    Charity Shield 2023 vs Souths

    Unfortunately we won’t be seeing any more of Coric in 2023 as he’s done his ACL. I think the club may be cursed.
  18. Hills Dragon

    Round 14 vs Cowboys

    There’s probably not many people in their forum who are actually literate.
  19. Hills Dragon

    Round 8 vs Tigers

    Is there a live stream of the KEO cup today? I know there was yesterday v the Bears.
  20. Hills Dragon

    Round 7 V Roosters

    I don’t think we’ll see Sullivan playing at all next week. He got knocked into next week in NSW Cup yesterday and appeared to be out cold being attended to by medical staff for a long time before being taken off. He was playing well before that.

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