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    Rebel World Cup planned for Pakistan

    This seems like a stunt. The only team that's ever been able to travel anywhere has been the italians. There at best 5 organisations that are able to field a team really. A world cup is not financially viable. This seems to be a PR push to try and force the RLIF to acknowledge them - which...
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    Parish intends to pick Milford for Samoa Test

    to play state of origin in the first place you must elect to play for australia before selection. The system is convoluted but from my understanding they cannot then reverse that election until a new world cup cycle or two years is up (whichever is first). So assuming they tried to play him...
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    USA WCQ squad

    And of the 7 overseas players most of them are born in the USA they aren't ring ins by any means Freed, Offerdahl, both Howards, Tui Samoa (born in American Samoa) Dunno about Barron but at worst they've included 1 heritage player in a squad of 20, a testament of intent to develop domestic...
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    European Qualification Draw for RLWC2017 Announced tomorrow + Playoff in Leigh ENG?

    Spain lost to Germany earlier in the year, I really think they've been massively over hyped. A great win over Malta for sure and a lot of guts were shown but going over to Russia and beating them on their own patch is a very daunting task. Heritage players I don't think will play too much...
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    2015 International Calendar

    According to this promo poster the Spain v Italy A game is going ahead this Saturday presumably it is a FIRL team although i havent seen any posts on either Italian body's social networking platforms...
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    2015 International Calendar

    UPDATE: Tonga Vs Cook Islands 2017 RLWC Qualifier match will be played on Saturday 17th Oct at Campbelltown Stadium, NSW, Australia @ 7pm. Be there to support MMT! Information on how to purchase tickets will be available ASAP. Malo...
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    English lower leagues

    Pretty much what Wilson said. Even though a real marquee is unlikely to sign to play championship the marquee allowance expands the cap substantially. SBW wouldn't be drawn to play championship rugby league but the championship would have more pull with out of favor first grade talent and...
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    Whats going on in Hawaii? Social Media- i'm pretty sure these accounts were made today. The AMNRL twitter have been retweeting their posts
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    English lower leagues

    they wouldn't be forced to spend Super League dollars, but those who had the potential could spend super league dollars. With P & R you traditionally embrace inequality and allow teams to perform to their maximum potential regardless of what league they're in. The small town teams would...
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    English lower leagues

    Dewsbury have a game in hand, they're in a better position than London imo. However the race for fourth spot is effectively over with Halfax's win over Batley. Halifax play Dewsbury next which will put them up to 30 points bar a miracle. Then only Fev will be mathematically capable of...
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    R18 | Raiders 36-22 Knights @ GIO | Friday 7.35pm

    Gidley needs to be dropped after that performance. Shocking in defence, especially with Mamo playing so well it should be considered tanking if we play him at 1 next week. Defense is the biggest issue at the moment, attack is clunky but conceeding 35+ points every week just makes the game...
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    Rumoured targets 2

    I think it was a matter of time really. The titans have DCE money and no-one to spend it on. Especially considering Tyrone is still on the books for next year you don't think the admin want to be spending 1.5 + mil on halves all up. We were only going to get him if the Titans found someone...
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    Western Corridor NRL bid

    Gallop is, as usual, all talk. His job description is to try and make noise and provide masturbation material for the true believers. The A-league might expand in the next decade but definitely not in Brisbane. The goal for the league now should be to hold onto its current franchises and...
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    Whats going on in Hawaii?

    Hawaii is supposed to have its own governing body, or at least used to. They got an invite to the APRLC and stated they wanted to play effectively as a national team representing the cultural area of Hawaii and it distanced itself from the USARL and AMNRL (although the AMNRL tomahawks annually...
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    Toulouse into League One

    i hope both championship caps get a raise, not much point in having P&R if your going to equalize everyone with the cap. Not to mention the super 8s stage is going to be severely hampered if half is playing at almost double the cap.
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    Michael Brown appointed RLWC2017 CEO

    The Asian Cup was successful for what it was, but I seriously hope there were some outside constraints because there were some pretty seeming glaring errors in preparation, the event wasn't optimized at all. South Korea didn't play in Sydney until the semis, despite having a huge expat...
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    NRL needs to get on board with NFL's 'National Rugby Football League'

    NRFL didn't bother trying to get sanctioned and then surprise surprise they don't get approval from USA Rugby! The whole operation smelt of something dodgy,a league based on the rejects of another league in another sport who've probably never played your sport is not the most solid of...
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    TRL 9s cancelled, CEO sacked, season in jeopardy. No idea why
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    UAE Rugby League boss arrested??

    The Rugby League commission conceeds it has no right to organize rugby league competitions in the UAE without UAE Rugby permission. This just makes me so mad. You can't concede this, its ridiculous.
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    Kiwis No. 1

    They play aus, nz and eng more than any other second tier. Samoa lost all their 4nations matches but surged up the world rankings. at least that's how I think it works

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