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    Heritage round

    Did Brylcreem only take "more than four days to remove"? It's surprising what tricks the memory plays....... :?
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    Name your favourite Sesame Street character

    He'd better be quick. The way things are going, we could end up with a hose pipe ban - and that would include all water pistols.
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    English Premierleague Results

    Christiano Ronaldo got a standing ovation from the OT crowd after his 30 minute stint in the second half. Listening to it on the radio, he seemed to waltz past the Bolton defence at will, delivering several pin point crosses.
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    Kangaroo tour

    What does it matter - resistance is futile. ;-)
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    English Premiership Champions

    In a moment of madness I voted for the Rentboys from Stamford Bridge. Anyone but those Red SB's or the Gonners will do for me. ;-)
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    Name your favourite Sesame Street character

    Being about 12 years old when Sesame Street first started, I'm a little old for this. I voted for Ernie, or was it Bert? I never could work out who was who..... 8)
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    AFL Round 20

    Dead right Kev, how could I not look beyond a Woods victory..... :^o Mind you, having suddenly descended 800 feet last week, my prophetic powers aint quite up to recent hilltopping performances.
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    Darren Britt Retires

    It's a shame when any career ends, when injury is the cause, it must be harder to accept. Darren Britt has been a stand out forward at Saints for the last couple of years.
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    AFL Round 20

    Am I too late for the Pies v Crows match....... :? Carlton vs St Kilda - Saints by 28 Geelong vs West Coast - Eagles by 16 Kangaroos vs Hawthorn - Roos by 12 Port Adelaide vs Melbourne - Port by 68 Brisbane vs Sydney - Lions by 14 Essendon vs Richmond - Bombers by 22 Fremantle vs...
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    Aussie Rules, survival chance?

    Wasn't the NRL previously the GayRL and aren't the Australian Kangaroos the GayRL's international side? If you're quarrel is limited to name calling, at least give it some ingenuity - a scimitar rather than the same old cudgel.
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    Bradford signs young union player

    It is encouraging to see a youngster from outside the traditional RL heartland of the UK being signed by one of the top clubs. Hopefully, as the RLC expands, more young guns will be discovered in places like Buckinghamshire.
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    He often posts on the forums. Perhaps you might find him there.
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    Eels set to sign Thorman

    Midas, I'd be surprised if Thorman made the 17. If Long and Deacon are fit, Waite will almost certainly put those two ahead of Thorman.
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    Foreign quotas illegal - effects on ESL?

    Typical of the Granudia to leave League out of the topic. :roll: Players may no longer be seen as foreigners, but they will still have to meet EU requirements to recieve a work permit. I'm not sure if this will lead to an influx. One solution could be to limit the number of none EU born...
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    Eels set to sign Thorman

    Midas, Thorman was MoM in the Origin match, but against a very poor Lancashire side. I can't see him going further than the squad of 26 at the moment. Hopefully the move to Parramatta will improve his game. He has two younger brothers, Paul and Neil who play for Gateshead Thunder in national...
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    Tri-Series - good or bad decision?

    Maybe there would be an outcry from British Administrators, but I think many fans would support at least one series being played either in New Zealand or Australia. The NZRL's Selwyn Pearson has idea's which differ from his British and Australian counterparts and I can understand his...
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    SMH Rugby Union article

    Should the unthinkable happen and Bradford failed to make the Super League play-offs, it's quite possible that they would release Tevita Vaikona and Lesley Vainikolo to play for the Tongan RU side. With Ricky Stuart coaching, plus Lockyer, Fittler, Johns and Ben Kennedy in the line-up, the...
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    SMH article concerning Raper

    Are you sure you wouldn't you like to see Mike Gregory succeed? ;-)
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    League banned from pitch in New Caledonia

    From the SMH: With the Rugby World Cup coming up, you've got to expect a bit of niggle between the codes. But in the tropical idyll of New Caledonia? "There is only one rugby union team in New Caledonia and they book the ground out so we can't play on it - even though they have no one to...
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    Leeds unveil new kit