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    NRL Draw - 2024

    No trip to Newcastle? Must be a first! Disappointing to be giving up a home game v Roosters though. but how hard is it to do a draw where everyone plays each other then you do double ups? Playing Raiders twice in 4 weeks in first 8 weeks is dumb. Then to play Manly once in Rd 27!
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    GAME DAY vs. Roosters (FINALS)

    The referee originally let it go, then changed his call to double knock on and was taking it back which allowed them to challenge. Of course the play before the Roosters had knocked on from the kick but because that was play on, no challenge allowed.
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    GAME DAY vs. Roosters (FINALS)

    Funny how Ch9 didn’t find a replay of that incident… But think it was actually before the field goal, not the try?
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    Next Year

    Desperately need a quality big forward or 2, we are too undersized and don’t get enough from our forwards. Graham played on one year too many.
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    Game day vs Raiders Father's day

    Nice to actually run away for a change when the opposition is down. Pretty sure we had points put on us usually when opposition is down a man. Interesting ABC was putting us on Sunday but now it’s Saturday night, would have preferred Sunday.
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    Finals stuff

    No, but we are worthy of a spot as we’re definitely better than those below us. What we do need is a good win week 1 on the back of Nicho to shake off some of those question marks. Week 2 v Warriors in NZ anything could happen but we’ll probably bow out. This year is about getting some...
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    Finals stuff

    Trying to work it out but NRL ladder predictor is broken, giving Rabbitohs extra points… But basically we win and play winner of Roosters v Rabbitohs, lose and we play Raiders again in Canberra? I hate losing to Klein, but losing today and ruling out top 4 wasn’t the worst result.
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    GAME DAY - Sharkies vs. The Pong-cloud

    nope, despite Gould calling for a send off…
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    GAME DAY - Sharkies vs. The Pong-cloud

    Insufficient evidence so they can keep their challenge, f**k off, he clearly missed it.
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    GAME DAY - Sharkies vs. The Pong-cloud

    Suck a fat one Gould
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    Game Day vs Chads Cows

    Graham playing better than he has in years since announcing his retirement
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    Game Day vs Chads Cows

    Klein would have penalised Hunt for a double movement…
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    Game Day - CSS vs. GCT

    Hynes should spend hours kicking from the sideline this week given Ronaldo is our main try scorer!!!
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    Game Day - CSS vs. GCT

    Bad luck clown 🤡 Not sure how Cronulla v Gold Coast gets the allegedly best referee in the game… but it’s remarkable every time we get him the opposition gets a penalty when we have a good set and always on the 4th tackle…
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    OT: USA teams R1

    Hopefully we can play a couple of those sides rds 2 and 3
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    Game Day vs the Tigers

    The referee must have have backed the margin under 15 with how badly he tried to get them a consolation try.
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    Actual Team vs Dogs

    Disgusting team selection, take a chance and let them develop new partnerships against the weaker sides so they’re entrenched when we play the top sides again.
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    Hynes time.

    It’s quite remarkable they’d ignore 18 months of form because Nicho played the Storm and his side got belted whilst Moses got to beat up on the Dogs.
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    Cronulla Hotels - Rydges... Quest... Other?

    I've only stayed at the cheap motor inn, was pretty old and basic but cheap and could walk to town or the ground.
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    Game Day - Kurranulla vs. Knights

    To me the biggest concern is or draw, last bye 10 weeks out a few tough games in there as well.