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    2022 R5 Sat - Gold Coast 20-26 Parramatta @ Cbus Super

    Brimson dodged the HIA by clutching his neck and shoulder. Not realising if he played dead, Paulo gets sent off.
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    2022 R5 Fri - Brisbane 20-24 Sydney @ Suncorp

    Fair point, he tore it up against the Cowboys and Broncos who were bottom 4 last season and South’s who are bottom 4 this season.
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    RIP Clive Galea

    yeah, his brother Bruce has passed away. Quite the colourful family.
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    No team has ever won the premiership after conceding 50pts in a regular season match

    The Bulldogs beat the Roosters 60-14 in 2010.
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    Melbourne Storm alleged incident

    Who did that?
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    2021 GF | PREMIERS - Penrith 14-12 South Sydney @ Suncorp

    Whilst I would prefer a Panthers win, the Souths win in week 1 has left them much fresher than the Panthers who would be just about running on empty. I expect a fast start from Souths and even though I think the Panthers will keep it within 6 points for the most of the match, expect the extra...
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    The Game 2021 Judiciary Charges

    It is inconceivable that Paulo's tackle could be considered Grade 1 and Verrill's Grade 2. The outcome is quite irrelevant, the point is that Paulo launched with his shoulder, with force and the point of contact was the head. It was much closer to the Latrell Mitchell tackle imho. To see this...
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    The Game 2021 Judiciary Charges

    Unlike Paulo whose shoulder hit the head, except with a lot more force.
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    A team for the ages …. Pick a worse 13 from this years 9-16

    Gerard Beale has to make this side.
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    A team for the ages …. Pick a worse 13 from this years 9-16

    What part of 9-16 don't you understand?
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    How many weeks for Latrell?

    The problem with that is you are assuming they won't screw up or if they do, they wouldn't be dropped.
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    How many weeks for Latrell?

    Not playing for the Panthers or Storm had already guaranteed that outcome.
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    How many weeks for Latrell?

    How about in the 2014 prelim final when Sam Burgess smashed SBW in the nose and wasn't even penalized after one of the refs called high contact but the other said, don't worry he is getting up. MRC didn't even look at it. Broke SBW's nose. Should have missed the GF.
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    2021 R22 Sat - Manly 56-10 Parramatta @ Sunshine Coast

    Wouldn’t get a look in at a top 4 club.
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    2021 R19 Sat - South Sydney 60-22 Warriors @ Sunshine Coast

    Imagine being a Cowboys fan knowing they have given Townsend 800 large a season for the next 3 years. I would neck myself.
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    Obscene strapping

    The merkin Evans was referring to was probably Nathan Brown.
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    2021 R18 Sun - South Sydney 32-24 Canterbury @ Cbus Super

    That’s actually Ben Cummins. Easy to confuse him for a Souths player, I will admit.

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