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    Charity Shield 2024

    Both entitled to our own opinions. I just thought we were pretty good in the first half just lacked a little polish to finish off some attacking plays. First trial match there is always going to be some errors and lack of cohesion. Second half just shows that the majority of our young guys...
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    Charity Shield 2024

    Thought that last night was actually pretty promising. The first half the boys played with an intensity and desire that will win us more games than we lose. We definitely looked fitter, faster and stronger. Defence seems to have been the primary focus and it looked much better in the first half...
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    The Rumours Thread

    Leilua asks for a release citing homesickness to move back to Sydney, yet is in negotiations with the Raiders. Either Tartak is trying to drive our price up or Leilua is chasing more money…
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    KOE (ex Canterbury Cup) and Jersey Flegg

    Dragons SG Ball score on the siren to beat Penrith 26-24
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    First trial game?

    Anyone know anything from the scrimmage against manly?
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    2024 Squad List

    Came across this photo of the boys on the central coast just now. Flanno said he’d play his best 20/21 players against manly in the opposed session. Counted 18 players here plus Allan who’s done his acl. Looks like this is our current best 18 players. Interesting to note that rava is the only...
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    Can anyone give updates of the trials happening today?
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    Flanno's New Signings

    The Volkman deal is done. Staff is on Xmas/Ny break so the deal will be announced when the players return for training. They will want to use a photo of Volkman in Dragons gear so it will be uploaded with quotes from him and other staff sometime on their first day back
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    The Rumours Thread

    I understand the frustration from everyone and I too felt gutted when I saw that AFB was going to the sharks. However I think it is evident now that until our current crop of players start performing and the stench at our club is removed it will be highly unlikely we sign those marquee players...
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    The Rumours Thread

    Amone deregistered by the nrl aswell…
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    The Rumours Thread

    Corey Allan signed for 1 year
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    The Rumours Thread
  13. M

    The Rumours Thread

    Apparently we might be getting New Zealand rugby player Hugh Renton in June after he finishes his super rugby reason with Highlanders. 27 years old and plays backrow in rugby union
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    The Rumours Thread

    Cowboys cap is cooked. All their players are going to have to sign for well under market value to stay. We have a great chance at louring Dearden plus 1 of luki or Finefuaki from them. Heard we are going to go at Piakura as well
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    The Rumours Thread

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see us go after Turuva
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    The Rumours Thread

    I would pay Dearden 1mil easily. He debuted in a decider of origin and was nearly the best on field. Once DCE retires Dearden will be the maroons half for the next 10 years. 1 million in the new cap is more like 750-800 of yesteryear
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    The Rumours Thread

    I reckon Flanno will make a splash come November 1. Predicting one of the English halves and a big contract to either Luai or Dearden
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    SG Ball and Harold Matthews results

    Awesome. Thanks mate
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    SG Ball and Harold Matthews results

    Can someone please give an overview of the Illawarra squads like was done for the St George squads? Who’s a local junior and who was recruit from other districts/ states?
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    Coach Flanno

    10 weeks injury is return to play isn’t it? I’m sure he will be back running well before that even if it’s only in a straight line. So can only really see him missing a couple weeks of proper preseason training. No doubt the staff will have him on a watt bike or doing upper body stuff until...

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