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    Dragons v Broncos Rd 3 2023

    Good for you RedVDave! Facts are facts, for the last 30 years I have been looking for the half full glass and it does not work, shoulda, coulda, woulda's don't matter, the facts are if my Aunty had balls she'd be my uncle! If we didn't drop the ball, if we didn't get penalised for attacking a...
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    Matt Dufty

    I like Lomax, his handling is suspect, however, he does bring some pretty reliable goal kicking to the side (I am not certain that we have a better option here?), I think this definitely helps his cause...
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    Round 2 v Cowboys

    Hi All, A couple of things, JDB has to get off his charges to do anything. My partner is a judge and is of the opinion that the prosecution must believe they can win as it costs money to run a trial and to go back again, they have to at least believe they can win???? He might get off, but its...
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    Round 19 vs Newcastle

    Unfortunately, you wasted a few about "We are the worst team!"
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    Round 19 vs Newcastle

    This is an embarrassment, forget our Halves, let them sit in the stands. Our new coach has a massive task to deal with, we just have an appalling attitude and it has been here for far too long. I can barely stand to watch the crap this teams brings week in, week out!
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    Brian Johnston Masterclass in Obfuscation on Talkin Sport

    Just newly registered, been reading for years. Have to say I have done business with Brian Johnston over the years, he is a well respected and fine businessman. I can't say I am happy with the club or the teams performance, but I can't agree that BJ was not a good choice. He is a fine man.