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  1. MrBlack

    2024 R6 Fri - Brisbane 28-14 Dolphins @ Suncorp

    Will be closer than people think. Fins have the edge in the forwards you would think. Both teams halves are uninspiring. Will come down to a piece of individual play. Probably from one of the fullbacks. Going to say Dolphins by not many
  2. MrBlack

    2024 R6 Thu - Newcastle 20-22 Sydney @ McDonald Jones

    Jennings being found out in defence. caught out a few times already.
  3. MrBlack

    Rd.5 v SeaEagles

    Us failing to win this years comp is the final piece in the PVL puzzle. Cant sell a game when the same team wins it every year. (what major sport in the world actually punishes a team for sucess.....) To him its not a sport. Its entertainment that he is selling. The NRL is only one more rule...
  4. MrBlack

    Rd.5 v SeaEagles

    A really tough draw to open the season. I blame PVL who skewed the draw so that all the good teams played each other at the start of the year and all the weak teams had a chance for a good start (ie cowboys, dolphins, tigers, dogs). The better teams will now come into their own from here We are...
  5. MrBlack

    General Discussion Thread

    Yes but under the current systems that would have been turned around. Cleary has a way of getting in the head of a player and getting the most out of them (Kenny...)
  6. MrBlack

    General Discussion Thread

    Wade Egan is another one, Though it looks like he is doing pretty good under Pantherball-Lite at the Warriors
  7. MrBlack

    General Discussion Thread

    This does lead into a wider conversation as to which past players would have really gone to another level in our current systems. Gordon certainly would be one. I think Matt Moylan as well. He had a great skill set but was ruined by our poor systems.
  8. MrBlack

    The fraud thread

    In 2 words Darius Boyd........
  9. MrBlack

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    this…. its the secret to our sucess
  10. MrBlack

    Other games 2024

    Other than Storm or maybe Broncos (if they get their shit together) i cant see anyone else challenge us for the title. It‘s really shaping up as a weak comp this year
  11. MrBlack

    2024 R4 Mon - Parramatta 16-17 Wests Tigers @ CommBank

    Luke Brooks would have kicked that field goal.
  12. MrBlack

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    Guys like Semi and Sivo were highlight reel players. Could demand a stage for a big moment but went missing in the trenches.
  13. MrBlack

    Rumoured & Confirmed Signings - Part 5

    To say Too is the best ever is a long and subjective argument, probably for another day. The point here is that he, along with Mansour and coach Cleary have redefined what the modern winger is and how they play. A more interesting discussion might be which great wingers of seasons past would...
  14. MrBlack

    2024 R4 Fri - Brisbane 38-12 North Qld @ Suncorp

    So Cowboys are not a thing this year then I guess
  15. MrBlack

    2024 R4 Thu - Sydney 16-22 Penrith @ Allianz

    In all 3 wins this year Penrith have had a match wining lead then taken the foot off the pedal. Did it most of last year as well. Not too many blow outs. Not sure if this is planned (dont show too much in the regular season) or a mental thing
  16. MrBlack

    2024 R4 Fri - South Sydney 20-16 Canterbury @ Accor

    Huge game for Souths. nothing really to gain from a win but a loss could see an implosion in Redfern. as a neutral im really looking foward to see how this one plays out. Hard to pick a winner here
  17. MrBlack

    What teams or players are you disappointed in regarding results?

    Soft overrated fowards. They get found out when they play teams that are not intimidated by reputation. Penriths long kicking game was poor last night and still the Roosters failed to ruck it out beyond their 40m line.
  18. MrBlack

    Rd.4 v SydRoosters

    Just need to stay in the grind and reduce the penalties. Roosters can’t go with us then.
  19. MrBlack

    2024 R4 Thu - Sydney 16-22 Penrith @ Allianz

    At least the bunker is consistent. even if it’s consistently wrong.