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  1. J

    The Rumours Thread

    l believe you could say that Mitchel will escape punishment two weeks in a row. He should have been hauled up for his comments about the Leniu case - which went too far and slandered him guilty before Leniu entered a plea. It happens way too often. Just on happening too often... am l the only...
  2. J

    Zac Lomax

    Didn't we all go thru this mid last season once Flanno signed as coach. He offered Bud and Zac the opportunity to look elsewhere if they wanted as per the noises that were being made. The only stipulations were that we won't add a cent to their renewed contract with anyone else - and they come...
  3. J

    everybody loves Raymond (Faitala Mariner)

    Yes RFM's class was evident when he signed with us... But had a chuckle when l watched some of the Parra/Dogs game and realised that the Dogs are desperate for a big body and leader for their pack... AND they are probably contributing to RFM's salary for at least this season with us.... how...
  4. J

    M Feagai

    We have another in Alex Lobb (selected in reserves this week). Maybe Carr doesn't want to name him up front but l hope he wants to give him a run.
  5. J

    100% top eight next year

    also take into account that we tested Melb and NZ in our last few games (Top 4 this year) and performed well in most games since Carr took over
  6. J

    Round 24 vs Souths

    he did call for Latrell to prove his worth the week before - how did that turn out... may actually help them turn a blind eye to it all.
  7. J

    Salary Cap - urgent change required

    I also proposed similar Salary Cap 'penalties' when news of the Wighton deal first came through. I also see advantage to some form of points system. The original intention of Third Parties was that the Player or his Manager canvased the deal and it remained arms length from the club and had to...
  8. J

    Bud News

    Needs to get his hammies to stand up for half a dozen games before he worries about top half anywhere. Don't get me wrong - l loved the way Bud plays and wished he had stayed like Lomax did when given the same opportunity - but l understand and wish him well (except when he plays against us).
  9. J

    Round 24 vs Souths

    There is a simple solution. At the moment there is no reward for Legs tackles... but the time allowed for players to stand and dance in "catch & hold" tackles is a reward - hence coaches teach Catch & Hold. So reward Legs tackles... I listen to sports ears at the ground... l am so over...
  10. J

    Eels game

    Gee's I hope he gets a lot of input... the boys seem to have bounded around him and his polite honesty.
  11. J

    Eels game

    good worker - thinking about it now... he reminds me of a young Lance Thompson. Cleans up everything, works all day and looks like he would fight over a bone (a dropped pill)
  12. J

    Eels game

    R&W - agree with most of things that you said... except that we are a sh!T team... we had the Eels and that strip did turn momentum. But they are in the race for the semis and we are getting a few media types to agree that we are starting to come good. I have maintained that the 30 players we...
  13. J

    Eels game

    l thought it was more than 50/50 but understand there was some doubt for the ref... but for the bunker I don't see any doubt... gutho deliberately placed his hand on the point of the ball; his hand/wrist was hooked and his hand finished down towards the ground. Very difficult for Liddle to hold...
  14. J

    Round 22 vs Sea Eagles

    Poss - would that include if a player is tackled into touch or in-goal. I am happy to see the player just play the ball - its too harsh a penalty - particularly when if you pass the ball it just comes back. And by the way - when did they change the rule that when the ball hits the Ref from a...
  15. J

    New recruits for 2023

    I am sure others here are already getting bored with our rants. But l did want to point out one thing... its a shame that you read things here with such a closed mind... You straight away pigeon hole me as not having the ability to be able to listen or read information without questioning the...
  16. J

    New recruits for 2023

    So I assume that you want your sport run by a union... and then will blame Vlandys because he let it happen. Yes l may be aged... but I am not too old to decide between right and wrong. In an argument there are usually two sides... and the truth is somewhere in the middle... all l really want...
  17. J

    New recruits for 2023

    So that is what you're keen to see.... the players wipe out the greedy NRL Profits? I am afraid you are delusional if you think that the profits should go to the players... above the Salary Cap. I assume you are hoping that the RLPA would start propping up the Country RLPA once all the greedy...
  18. J

    New recruits for 2023

    I keep asking who is looking after the game? Lets support them and make sure they are there next week; next year; next decade. Lets ensure the game is stronger for our kids and their kids. As Twinkie said... the players are given an opportunity. They know what they are getting into. Lets not...
  19. J

    New recruits for 2023

    I actually posted a few times before Flan was selected that I believed he would be good in pulling the Club together... get rid of this ridiculous split between Kogarah and Steelers... we are all ONE club.

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