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  1. joshreading

    Expansion Through the Second Tier

    I would make a NZ based NRL2 Conference Tonga rep (Auckland or Hamilton based) Samoa rep (Auckland or Hamilton based) Auckland Vulcans Wellington Christchurch Kaviti Silvertails. This would draw on the PAC Islands base and reduce travel costs to some degree. The weight of NRL...
  2. joshreading

    The Case for Adelaide.....

    How do you think a four game a year team... Southern Sharks could be received? I think one of the greatest obstacles to a number of Sydney teams is they are stuck demographically. Sharks are a marketable brand, adaptable and have a connection to Adelaide culture (for better or worse). A...
  3. joshreading

    Easts Tigers Enter Expansion Race

    The merged bid should be Firebirds. They should develop the elite Seniors centre initially at East's and develop the primary Junior Academy together Ipswich Jets in Ipswich / Springfield. Make it clear the teams territory is South and West Brisbane and "claim" out beyond Toowoomba. With the...
  4. joshreading

    Super League as NRL expansion

    Ok, it has been rumoured lately that the NRL is looking to buy Super League in some shape. I cannot fully comprehend the general benefit they are considering except it would position the NRL as having a perception of Global reach and footprint. This may help in securing stronger sponsorship...
  5. joshreading

    Rationalisation of Sydney

    The strength and weakness of RL is the clubs. For the game to expand it will need the whole of the NRL to pull in the same direction. I don't think the game should cull any of the Sydney clubs, however, I do think that a number of the clubs cannot actually afford to stay in the NRL long term...
  6. joshreading

    Who would you sign? (from non NRL players in the RLWC)

    After watching last nights game there were a couple players that I would consider signing to the Storm or atleast an NRL team. Who would you sign and why? Though he would struggle to get into the Storm right now McGillvary really was outstanding in my opinion tonight.
  7. joshreading

    Should The NRL Do Relegations/Promotions.

    I think the most logical and in one sense the easiest way is to create a requirement that new teams aspiring to be in the NRL start in 'NRL 2' (simply the QLD and NSW conferences BUT...I would add NZRL to that soon) Imagine Christchurch / Wellington / Fiji / Auckland and Waikato being a single...
  8. joshreading

    Can we learn something from super rugby?

    Rugby League followers that think that we can't learn from Union or soccer or American football or the AFL or Lawn Bowls for that matter are near sighted and lack any sense of perspective. We have an amazing game that is hampered by an extreme socialist world view at present particularly evident...
  9. joshreading

    White Plains Wombats

    What was Curtis' gripe ultimately? He seemed to jump on board and then get ticked off at everyone. Also anyone in the know as to what is going on with Hawaii? I saw David Nui claiming that Hawaii Rugby League still had something to do with the AMNRL a while ago on facebook.
  10. joshreading

    White Plains Wombats

    Wombats does seem to be a weird name for an American side.
  11. joshreading

    Western Corridor NRL bid

    I actually prefer a straight 9 and 9 conference, then we get a more historic divide in general. The National City Clubs and the Traditional (ish) Sydney Clubs. Admittedly, it does not shrink the season a great deal but I think is far more marketable as 'sub competitions' of sorts. The Sydney...
  12. joshreading

    Western Corridor NRL bid

    It would not be difficult to tell the new NRL Clubs they can sign half their players from NRL and Under 20's and the other players they need to source from elsewhere with incentives to sign them from Union and Super League.
  13. joshreading

    Central Coast Bears NRL Bid.

    I actually think in the short term the West Coast Pirates should create a link with PNG as well. Pirates would work well with PNG. The colours work well. Additionally, you create two away set of fans (WA people and PNG people which as worked well for the QLD CUP) PNG has a MASSIVE potential...
  14. joshreading

    Should NRL expansion just be about TV $'s?

    I am not a Titans fan but the dribble that goes on about the Titans is ridiculous. Their average crowd this year is just over 11000 and that is after a HORROR couple of seasons. The Tigers, the Panthers, the Sharks had a similar average crowd. Manly (10995) and Raiders (9629) were worse Their...
  15. joshreading

    The Hayne effect.

    The NRL in particular should be using this brief hype to push the NRL finals using video facebook and youtube ads in particular to NFL fans that show any interest in Jarrad Hayne coverage or the 49er's. Any time the 49er's play another team in the NFL for this season they should target fans of...
  16. joshreading

    Next TV rights deal

    The NRL should seriously consider giving away a game or two to streaming groups like Netflix - atleast in overseas markets. The profile alone would be massive.
  17. joshreading

    Latest news Brisbane Bid

    The NRL should initially own the club entirely and invite partners both corporate and community. A club that has strong corporate connections (like bombers) a geographical heartland (like the Ipswich bid) and broad base support (like brothers) could be massive.
  18. joshreading

    Next TV rights deal

    I think they should seriously consider moving games on awkward time slots such as Mondays and Thursday not only to country areas but some of the areas DESPERATE for a game. For instance, if you took four games to PNG you would be gauranteed sell outs at any time. Sure, the ticket prices might...
  19. joshreading

    NZ struggling financially

    Does anyone know if the NZRL receives any financial benefit from the Warriors being in the NRL? Logically, they should receive atleast a 16th of the money distributed for junior development etc.
  20. joshreading

    NZ struggling financially

    This is another reason that New Zealand (and the Pacific sides) should host games during a brief Origin rest in the NRL season. If the NZRL can host two or three games during his period V Pacific United and/or Kiwi Roots game then it may create some stable financial income.