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  1. Noise

    Discipline - a buzz word

    How seriously does BA really take discipline? Ive been thinking about the amount of negative off field incidents that have occurred since he has been in charge: - Kaysa gets Kenny Edwards to take a drug test for him - Kenny Edwards assault charge on the Gold Coast - Junior Paulo road rage...
  2. Noise

    Round 7 games involving teams that have won this season

    Hopoate's defence was piss weak for that first Roosters try
  3. Noise

    Round 15 other games

    Mateo goal kicking for manly - and kicked one from the sideline
  4. Noise

    Edwards and Pritchard busted for drug test swap

  5. Noise

    Hopoate. worst fullback in the game?

    These days the fullback needs to be a central part of a team's attack. Lets look at Hoppa: 5 games, 400min of football: 1 try 1 line break (which came from the try) 0 try assists 0 line break assists 6 errors He is great from dummy half which is important for a winger or centre...
  6. Noise

    A Pinch of Salt

    I received a text msg midway through tonights game from an official of a team that is currently in the top 8 that read: You have to get the right mix of salt and pepper in your team. Now I know people are going to scream 'racist' and 'sample size' but if you look at the stats from the last 2...
  7. Noise

    2014 rule changes They all seem pretty good to me. I particularly like the zero tackle for a 20m restart
  8. Noise

    Luke Kelly - Halfback

    Luke Kelly says his favoured position is halfback and there are a few people that seem to rate him. Here are his (attacking) stats since he has played in the 7 jersey for us this year (i couldn't find repeat set stats): Round 18 Runs - 5 Line break - 0 LBA - 0 Try assists - 0 40/20s - 0 Tries...
  9. Noise

    Willie tonga gone

    Hayne just face booked a msg saying tonga out for the season. Having back surgery....
  10. Noise

    Warriors coach gone

    Mclennan gone. The poor bastards might end up with kearney. Don't think i'd wish that on my worse enemy....well maybe Manly
  11. Noise


    Let's make kearney famous .....:sarcasm:
  12. Noise

    First 5 rounds of the draw resleased

    dont know if this has been posted before, apologies if it has. dates, times , tv details First up friday night against the broncos!

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