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  1. Kornstar

    OT Cameron Smith

    I can't believe the support this low life is getting. People are defending him saying that he didn't know how serious it was, apparently no one could know how serious the situation was. What a load of shit! I was watching that game and watching it on the run I honestly thought I was going...
  2. Kornstar

    Rumoured and Confirmed Signings and even more Crap XXIII

    Can't believe no one has started this. Our club is run like the government, no accountability and accepting mediocrity. It's just so awesome!
  3. Kornstar

    RD 25: Non Parra games

    The Bulldogs are surely favourites of the refs at the moment. How was that not a sin bin and then, what is the difference between a normal crusher and what Ennis did to Luke? I'd have kicked the dog too!
  4. Kornstar

    Reggie Bush receives a rugby lesson from NRL star, Jarryd Hayne

    Lots of Eels footage in the NFL website.
  5. Kornstar

    Not fit enough

    You watch half decent teams and they have numbers in tackles and general enthusiasm, we haven't had that consistently for a long, long, long time...... No willingness to push through the pain barrier, no heart...... Oh and the highest percentage of dumb footballers is astonishing! Yep...
  6. Kornstar

    Eels football boss Daniel Anderson hails 'tremendous' coach Brad Arthur Good article, probably upset a few around here though.....
  7. Kornstar

    Something that really bothered me.......

    Hayne was penalised for knocking the arm of the dummy half forcing him to drop the ball, why? He didn't break early, what was the problem? Cameron Smith and Thurston attempt this all the time and are NEVER penalised when they are successful? Once again, are the teams at the top referee'd...
  8. Kornstar

    Round 22 other games...

    Gidley just threw a punch (albeit soft).......and nothing.....NRL are f*cking stupid, seriously!
  9. Kornstar

    Our Chairman on Talkin Sport

    I can't believe no-one has come on and told everyone how useless he is and stupid, incompetent, unprofessional etc. He was on Talkin sport for like 15 minutes this arvo. I thought he was pretty good. Said if DF ever comes on board in any official capacity he would resign, out of the whole...
  10. Kornstar

    Lower Grade Issues

    Does anyone know what happened on the weekend? Ricky just mentioned it on Fox in a Pre game chat......
  11. Kornstar

    I must have a bad memory "Where Parra were wooden spooners in 2012, the Roosters played in the previous year's finals series before he took over in 2002 and took them to a title. Parramatta also finished last in...
  12. Kornstar

    Parramatta Eels star Reni Maitua admits the NRL pre-season still scares him Horo still there? Thought he was gone?
  13. Kornstar

    Dragons Army? Really? There is one?

    F*cking pathetic 2 weeks in a row! 11,000 odd in Woolloongong last week and f*ck all last night!! The NRL said they changed the venue because some whinging f*cking Dragons fans lobbied them as PS had already sold out and they wouldn't see Hornby or Young play one last time. And they come...
  14. Kornstar

    OT - David Gallop Poor bastard, it just follows him around :lol:
  15. Kornstar

    Bye bye Daley......

    Laurie Daley, new Blues more listening to his shit on Fox!
  16. Kornstar


    Almost half time and Hayne has been very ordinary and VERY uninterested imo. Played himself out of a jersey unless his second half is stellar. I am extremely disappointed based on what I have seen, I expect a lot better for such a good player!
  17. Kornstar

    Where to from here?

    For whatever reason it is not working for Kearney and the players but having listened to the team get booed off at the end of the first half and then the very much eerie scenes at the end, where to from here? I was sitting there at full-time listening and watching the crowd signalling and...
  18. Kornstar

    OT - is it wrong I want a Bulldogs jersey today?

    Star Wars on the front, awesome!!! I feel dirty :(
  19. Kornstar

    OT - Referees

    Are these the worst ever? Deadset just handed the Dragons the game. Last weekend was far and away the worst round of officiating I have ever seen, there were glaringly obvious mistakes in every match! There is no hope coming through either, some of the calls in the NYC games are just...
  20. Kornstar

    OT - Benji Marshall's on-field arrogance continued to flow in the witness box This is a terrible article, i thought this was only reserved for the likes of Hayne. What is his agenda against Marshall, or talented players in...