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  1. Iafeta

    Dally M voting system is a stitch up

    Evidence B Hunt 7 points K Ponga 6 I rest my case Does the system need an overhaul? IMHO blimmin Fantasy NRL has clearer and fairer scoring models than the 3 point system.
  2. Iafeta

    RIP Quentin Pongia

    Hearing news that the great man has succumbed in his battle with cancer. He was of course a tough as nails Kiwis test prop. Was a cornerstone of that outstanding Raiders pack and also played for Auckland, Easts, St George and Wigan. Quentin was from the fabled West Coast of NZ (also where I...
  3. Iafeta

    Hayze Perham

    just watched some highlights of ISP. I was a bit surprised neither Zac Santo or CNK were at fullback. But then I saw a couple of plays this young boy came up with. Fellas, I'm going to say it. If he can keep hold of this boy, we have a very special talent that could be a genuine star in the...
  4. Iafeta

    Kidwell you muppet

    How on earth has Kidwell not already been sacked? Reading the link, this is disturbingly incompetent stuff. I wonder whether this clowns approach to Maori-fying the team was in place earlier and led to the likes of Taumalolo feeling isolated...
  5. Iafeta

    Booking Sins - SuperBrawl VII

    No, not the PPV Sin (were we going to get Gluttony next?) Just silly booking in terms of heat management. So I'm watching Superbrawl VII last night. And the order of the card is thus... Malenko v Syxx for the CW title. Excellent match and really good finish IMO. Alright, so the crowd is...
  6. Iafeta

    The nWo - Bischoffs bizarro world

    So I was listening to Bischoff on Wresthing (the show where EB brown noses Vince and then when asked about crazy booking of his own answers "I don't remember, but..."). He was asked how he thought the nWo angle should have concluded. And this is where I realise Eric should have stuck to hawking...
  7. Iafeta

    Wrestlers you like that others don't

    Some wrestlers are absolutely universally panned. But there are some we like as dirty dark secrets. For me, first one I want to nominate is Steve Mongo McMichael. I'm watching WCW 1996 at the moment. Mongo rarely wrestles which is probably for the best but his promo work with Debra...
  8. Iafeta

    Wrestling Podcasts

    Since I'm on the road a lot with work I've had time to start getting into wrestling podcasts. I've been listening to five, my thoughts below WHW What Happened When with Tony Schiavone. Love hearing old WCW stories, but the co host Conrad Thompson nearly completely ruins it for me. The guy is...
  9. Iafeta

    The Don and KPs bunny

    it is with sadness that Richard Illingworths favourite not out man Don Voges is leaving Australian cricket. And to top it off, Xavier Doherty, the left arm genius who was going to take KP apart in the Ashes has also retired. The depth of Australian cricket will be sorely tested. Great careers...
  10. Iafeta


    How low does everyone go with their squats? I'm not sure why but lately I haven't been able to get lower than above my knees. I'm limbering up a lot to get the muscles flexible too. Used to be able to get near the ground, so I'm restarting on super light weights and just trying to get as low as...
  11. Iafeta

    WCW on WWE Network

    So I'm watching WCW from the start of Nitro. Now at the episode where Scott Hall appeared. So I have some thoughts... Positives DDP - slowly getting a push Johnny B Badd - good underrated wrestler The international wrestlers Savage v Flair Development of the Giant The Luger storyline where he...
  12. Iafeta

    Some people are just disgraceful... What a disgraceful act, let the family move on and let Sonny rest in peace. Full credit to Georgey and Ruben. George was a very underrated player, good bloke.
  13. Iafeta

    2nd ODI - NZ v Sri Lanka, Christchurch, 28 Dec 15

    Sri Lanka 5 down for not many on a batting paradise. All series long I've wondered how on earth Angelo Mathews has a test average of 50. He's the modern day Mark Greatbatch. Good when the ball is in his half, bowl some into his ribs and he struggles. He got two in a row which he flinched at...
  14. Iafeta

    RIP Clive Rice

    Sad to see. He's almost forgotten in discussions about the lads who missed international cricket because of apartheid. Generally discussion centres around Graeme Pollock, Mike Proctor and Barry Richards, but this guy was out and out class. His partnership with Sir Richard Hadlee at Notts was...
  15. Iafeta


    Last night he made three crucial errors. One a simple spill on the left edge as we were hot on attack. Second a poor pass over the sideline again whilst hot on a attack. Third for the second week in a row not competing on a bomb at the posts where Reddy scored. They were all basic. The issue...
  16. Iafeta

    Very blazen for a one gamer...

    What is up with this bloke? One game and he wants to clear dodge?
  17. Iafeta

    Areas where frankly we let ourselves down, time and time again...

    Discipline - penalties galore generally. Sure, I think the referees are knob jockeys and blind as bats, but still over a whole year we were dreadful. Making the effort to get back to marker - disappointing to see how many sets a little winger could make 15 metres out of marker and get out...
  18. Iafeta

    Elijah Taylor

    I thought he was worthy of a thread frankly, given he's played his last home game for us. On two fronts, firstly, unlike Sharky Brown and James Maloney, after announcing early on he was leaving, he certainly didn't drop his bundle like they did. He's competed right till the end. Secondly, he's...
  19. Iafeta

    Buster Seymour - Attempted Suicide? All the best Buster. Depression is an absolutely horrible thing, and even today, not that well understood. There's definitely good support networks now...
  20. Iafeta

    Warriors invest in hi-tech advantage All sounds good to me. Any advantage we can get we should take.

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