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    NRL Grand Final Tickets DIAMOND.

    Any of you Panthers Fans want GF tickets i have 4 x diamond available heavily me 0488433691 cheers.
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    good luck

    Hope you guys smash Storm.
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    Manu Mau

    Hoping Mau is ok didnt play much of the second half and was not on the bench .Does anyone have any news on his injury.
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    Parramatta Arcade Game

    Loving my new machine just got 241000 on Galaga.
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    I wonder what that Super Coach Hagan thinks now.

    I fronted him at a Wenty game a few seasons back and said to him we need to keep Maloney he has a lot of potential.He just looked at me with that stupid look on his head.Well Hagan you F-----t he is now a NSW State Of Origon player.
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    To All The Kearney Knockers.

    Too all the ignorant knockers my point of view is we dont have the cattle in certain positions but the coach and recruiting staff are doing their utmost to sign the players required. We currently have to many backrowers of similar style we dont have one who punches through...
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    When SKs patience runs out by round 10

    The team will look more like this. 1 Humble 2 Burty 3 Reddy 4 morgan 5 Walker 6 Hayne 7 Mcguire 8 Mannah 9 Mitchel 10 Allgood 11 Hindy 12 horo 13 Matua 14 Robson 15 Fui 16 Webb 17 Shack
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    Webb Injury

    Anyone now what injury Carl sustained last night as i didnt have time to hang around last night to find out.He was hit heavy by three defenders and was holding the hammy area of his leg but not sure if this was the injury.
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    Big Carl

    He is apparently ripping in big time has lost 6 kg and is looking the goods I was told he is 111 kg and wants to play at 108 kg.My contact said he is doing all this by himself and is determined to have a huge year for us.The morale and comradery is very high and the players love kearney even...
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    Our Best 17 2011

    1 Hayne 2 Atkins 3 Tahu 4 Reddy 5 grothe 6 Murray 7 Orford 8 Mannah 9 Mitchel 10 Poore 11 shackleton 12 Smith 13 Hindy 14 Robson 15 Horo 16 Fui 17 webb I would like to have some coin on this.
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    The Freshen Up Worked Wonders.

    200k plus you are kidding he must be embarressed.Not up to NRL standard.Where is tolsen tollet.:roll:
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    Cameron Breust

    Anyone seen him play or know how he goes does he have potential.
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    Nrl halves my ass

    I have had a gut full our halves are not NRL standard and why on earth was fil taken off he was having his best game of the year.
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    Cronk To Parra Not done And Dusted.

    Was told tonight we are very close to pulling it off.The Cronk deal i mean.:lol:
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    He is a Freak in the backrow .Big hits in Defence up quick and looks dangerous when he runs what a transition he has made.He is a vital part of our side and is only 70 % fit as well at present.Huge game tonight.
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    Any Late Mail

    Anyone have any mail on changes for tonight.
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    Where Can We Find A Seven

    I didnt even go to the game tonight as i am pissed off with our Inept 5th tackle options and our un organised play from a first grade team.I am a season TH and went on monday night but didnt want to put my self through it again today.
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    Krisnan Inu

    Inu can go now and jono and matt Keating can join Oaky and Mortz at Wenty for the rest of 2010.Bring up Te Mari and Pele and Mitchel.Play kk at half and Feleti at 6.
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    Its not the end of the world

    But after last nights game i could see it.I cannot believe a club struggling like the sharks can beat us in both grades on both occasions this year.:crazy:
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    2 spare cat A tickets

    I have 2 tickets spare as a friend had to cancel they are bay 107 on half way line about 20 rows back.