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  1. hybrid_tiger


    His knock on killed us tonight. He is terrible. The true definition of plodder: zero impact in both attack and defence.
  2. hybrid_tiger

    JT feeling the pressure already

    Looks like JT is feeling the pressure already after last week's capitulation. He's spent most of the pre-match press conference today whinging about the draw, and how it's unfair that we have to play the Bulldogs twice in such a short space of time. While I agree that the draw is stupid...
  3. hybrid_tiger

    Strength and conditioning coach John Skandalis sacked

    Tiger05 - are you Terry Manns?
  4. hybrid_tiger

    Potter gone - OFFICIAL I particularly like this line: "The newly appointed Head Coach will be given complete control over the appointment of all key football staff and his playing roster." So basically, the new coach will be a...
  5. hybrid_tiger


    This bloke spent the last two years with us permanently injured. He moves to Souths and miraculously stays fit all season. Wonder why?
  6. hybrid_tiger

    Follow the lead The former mess at Penrith sounds like another club I know...
  7. hybrid_tiger


    Pretty impressed with this kid last night. He needs to work on his handling, but he's big strong and has an offload. Doesn't look overawed at all.
  8. hybrid_tiger

    How politicking and empire building ruined Wests Tigers

    Probably the best piece of journalism I've read about this whole sorry state of affairs. But also highlights how depressing it is to support this club. Like I mentioned in another thread, it's hard to put aside the feeling that we are doomed.
  9. hybrid_tiger

    Are we doomed?

    Sitting there in the cold on Monday night, looking around, I really got the feeling that this club is just doomed. We don't have an identity and in the cut throat sporting industry that just spells trouble. We have three home grounds but all are spread out so far away from each other...
  10. hybrid_tiger


    Everybody raves about him but I don't see it. IMO he was hyped because everyone wanted him to replace Anasta (rightfully) and although he is an upgrade on Anasta (let's face it, who the f**k wouldn't be), he is just not that good. A fill in player at best, and easy to see why Penrith let him...
  11. hybrid_tiger

    Our injuries

    Another three or four yesterday, according to the press conference (mostly shoulders). Does anyone actually believe this is simply a case of "bad luck"? Our strength and conditioning department has to be the worst in the competition.
  12. hybrid_tiger

    Martin Taupau

    This guy is our best signing since Gareth Ellis. His aggression and power is something we have sorely missed for years and years. It's very visible that the enthusiasm and fearlessness he shows is rubbing off to all of our other forwards. They are feeding off it and we are a much, much...
  13. hybrid_tiger


    I know everyone was great last night but I have to signal him out. Just no nonsense with this guy, straight and hard everytime. He has a huge impact everyyime he comes on. He reminds me ALOT of Petero.
  14. hybrid_tiger


    Oxygen thief. Worst player to ever play first grade.
  15. hybrid_tiger


    A barely average first grader when in form, yet would not make my local park footy team when not. I have never seen a player so disinterested as this hack today. It is an absolute embarrassment. I want to give Potter time but if he picks this bum next week, I give up.
  16. hybrid_tiger

    Team next round

    We have some players due back in two weeks. Won't happen but I'd like to see this: 1 Tedesco 2 Nofoaluma 3 Simona 4 Lawrence 5 Koroibete 6 Marshall 7 Brooks 8 Woods 9 Farah 10 Blair 11 Fulton 12 Sironen 13 Sue 14 BMM 15 Galloway 16 Seumanafagai/Buchanan 17 Thompson -...
  17. hybrid_tiger


    Very tough start but you are starting to see what he has brought to the side. The defensive efforts of late have been very impressive, much better than anything under Sheens. Very excited about our future.
  18. hybrid_tiger


    Andrew Fifita has ran for 1492 metres and taken 163 hitups so far this year for the Sharks, the third most of any player in the NRL. He also leads the Sharks tackle count for this year with 319. I find these are astonishing statistics given he was derided when with us for not being fit...
  19. hybrid_tiger


    Should be arrested for stealing a living. Worst player in this clubs history. Has there ever been a bigger oxygen thief wearing our shirt?
  20. hybrid_tiger

    We are now LAST

    How depressing.

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