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  1. southwalesrabbitoh

    New rule

    It's not a free for all, there is no new rule, it's a stricter enforcement of the present laws, which I've been calling for for years. The 2005 GF was not touch football as Tallis called it the other day on Matty "headache" Johns' silly show. Do you think you were born 2000 years too late?
  2. southwalesrabbitoh

    Cameron Smith Watch

    dear me, no it's the fact that the No.9 touches the ball more often than anyone else, and the time and space we've given the No.9 now is too much, I want coaches to need quick No.9's like D Cook.
  3. southwalesrabbitoh

    Cameron Smith Watch

    he's the most influential player in the history of the sport. IMO need to change the laws so to make the halfback more influential than the No.9.
  4. southwalesrabbitoh

    Wests Tigers take over bid

    Brisbane Tigers.
  5. southwalesrabbitoh

    Benny buying Wests Tigers??

    Brisbane Tigers? Build flats on Leichhardt? Would love to see Western Suburbs doing well in the NSW Cup on a regular basis.
  6. southwalesrabbitoh

    Refereeing The Magic Round sin bin directive

    Read this from the BBC website, people have been getting away with high shots for far too long, about time the NRL enforced the laws of the sport. In December, Popham and a small group of former players announced they were suing World Rugby, the RFU and the Welsh Rugby Union over brain damage...
  7. southwalesrabbitoh

    Easts Tigers Enter Expansion Race

    Double post.
  8. southwalesrabbitoh

    Easts Tigers Enter Expansion Race

    Brisbane Tigers, I can buy that, as I've said before I don't like relocation, but there are often exceptions, Wests Tigers to the Brissy Tigers, yeah, ok.
  9. southwalesrabbitoh

    Wests Tigers take over bid

    I don't like relocation, the Swans still having South Melbourne on their jerseys and they went around south Melbourne after winning the GF, sounds silly to me; but I live in Britain and have never been to Oz or the States, so...
  10. southwalesrabbitoh

    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    You know what i mean, the vast majority of ppl who are into sport.
  11. southwalesrabbitoh

    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    If the vast majority of Perth don't want a RL side then eff thum.
  12. southwalesrabbitoh

    2020 Membership

    How much money have you got in your bank account then champ?
  13. southwalesrabbitoh

    2020 Membership

    What do you expect, if people have money they will buy some RL stuff, I'm sure that's what the NRL and clubs think, i think like that. Encouraging ppl to spend money that haven't really got is wrong.
  14. southwalesrabbitoh

    Manase Fainu

  15. southwalesrabbitoh

    The world's gayest nation

    I've been told that about 10% of any population is gay, and about the same amount who are really into sport.
  16. southwalesrabbitoh

    Facebook. Are you on there? I'm not.

    I used to be, but i wasn't engaging as much as i used to, well, i didn't write much on there years ago either; and with these political adverts!
  17. southwalesrabbitoh

    2020 rule changes

    Boo, wish you wouldn't say things like that.
  18. southwalesrabbitoh

    2020 rule changes

    Well of course it is, it's not a good look being able to tackle ppl in the air, you're not allowed to tackle ppl in the air in RU, and ppl like Liam Williams and Anthony Watson aren't scoring tries every time they get into the oppositions 22. #WatchRLandRU
  19. southwalesrabbitoh

    News Do you care if Israel Folau returns to the NRL?

    Balls, he should not have bn sacked, he should be allowed to play rugby.